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CEG 507: Environmental Engineering II

Due Date 2 Weeks from today, April 28, 2014
The Lagos State government plans to augment the current water supply to the mega city. The
proposed source is River Osun at Odo-Mola, Epe LGA. The intended production cycle from
this source is 60l/s during peak period of April to July, and September, 35l/s in August, and
October through March. Intake at this source is expected to be at these capacities during the
first year of operation.
From microbiological assay of the raw water, there is gross contamination of the intended
source while its physico-chemical properties are as summarized the table below:
Dissolved Oxygen
Total Hardness
Chlorides (Cl)


Use the Given Information to Answer the Following Questions

1. Give at least five reasons that could have positively influenced the choice of River
Osun at Odo-Mola as water supply source.
2. Identify and explain with reasons which of the above impurities listed on the table can
be easily corrected and which ones would require extensive and expensive treatment.
3. Recommend a treatment process for well supply and attempt a schematic drawing of a
probable sequence of your recommended treatment process.
4. From a jar test in the laboratory, the optimum coagulation with River Osun raw water
occurred when 1litre of it was dosed with 3.5ml of 10g/l of alum solution and 2ml of
4g/l suspension of lime, estimate in tonnes the requirements of both alum and lime
needed to coagulate the intake volume expected for the first six months of the plants
5. Given that the maximum capacity of the proposed treatment plant is 40,000l/day,
estimate the volume of the mixing chamber required for a detention time of 30
seconds. Calculate the approximate power input?