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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Bethany Fralick

Unit Name: Language Arts Unit: Vocabulary
Lesson Title: Target Vocabulary
Grade Level: Fourth Grade
1. The student will be able
RI.4.4: Determine the
to understand the ten newly
meaning of general
acquired vocabulary words.
academic and domainspecific words or
phrases in a text relevant
to a grade 4 topic or
subject area.
2. The student will be able
to identify unfamiliar
vocabulary by comparing
attributes and drawing on
prior knowledge to make
connections among

1. The student will
engage in discussion
during instruction to
understand the
vocabulary words.

2. The student will

have written the word,
the meaning of the
word, a connection to
the word, and a
drawing for the word
on a completed Frayer
Model Template.

Materials and Resources: 1) The teacher edition on Journeys for the teacher to
read aloud 2) Student textbook: Journeys 3) Frayer Model Worksheets for each
student 4) Whiteboard 5) Pencils for each student
Lesson Introduction
*How will you engage
your students in the

*Be specific give stepby-step instructions

The teacher will have the students turn to page 42

in their Journeys textbook. The teacher will begin by
reading each vocabulary word aloud. Then have the
students repeat the word as a class to know how to
pronounce it. While saying the words, make a list of
them on the whiteboard. Inform the students to listen
carefully to the story to find the vocabulary words.
(3 minutes)
First, the teacher will begin by reading aloud The
Troublemaker Who Healed a Nation on page T84T85 in the teacher edition. At each vocabulary word,
stop and ask the students what they think the word
means. Then, proceed to tell them the definition.
Continue this until the story is read.
(8- 10 minutes)

Next, the teacher will give a worksheet to each

student with two templates for the Frayer Model. As a
class, the teacher will model an example of one of the
vocabulary words. Once the students understand the
template, allow for them to work individually with a
vocabulary word of their choice. Inform students that
they can use the glossary for looking up the
definitions. If students finish with one early, then allow
them to start a second word. When everyone has
completed at least one word, have the students pair
with a student that has a different vocabulary word to
share with each other. If times allows, have the
students find a different partner.
(15 minutes)
Lesson Closure
After everyone has finished sharing with a partner,
*How will you summarize review the vocabulary words and their definitions as a
the lesson?
(2 minutes)