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Grade 6 Field Trip to Dalat

By Buffalo Tours
31st Mar 3 April 2015

In this presentation..

Message to Parents

Canadian Curriculum Connections

Highlights of the trip



Risk assessment



Message to Parents
Dear Parent(s) and Guardians,

The following are the details for our fourth annual grade 6 field trip to Da Lat. This is a very special trip
at CIS because it provides incredible learning experiences that your son or daughter will remember for
the rest of their lives. We make direct connections to the Canadian curriculum, students will learn more
about themselves and their peers, and there are many outdoor education activities that they will
participate in throughout the trip. They are supervised 24 hours a day by the 5 teachers from CIS, 4
Buffalo Tours guides, and 5 trained English/Vietnamese speaking local guides. All food, drinks,
activities, transportation, and camping equipment is covered in the cost. Two of the teachers have been
on this trip in past years, and it was a complete success. We are prepared for rain with waterproof tents
and dry-bags. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions you may have.
We look forward to a safe, fun, and exciting trip again this year!

Kind regards,


The grade 6 teachers


Canadian Curriculum Expectations

Along with the many new skills that students will acquire, such as learning sign language,
putting up a tent, cooking, etc., there are many curriculum expectations that will be met while
on the trip.
Physical Education

Hiking a mountain

Outdoor Education

Many new activities taught by the guides

biodiversity by documenting and classifying

local plants and animals they observed.


Nightly journal entries will be kept in order

to reflect on the day, and lessons learned.

Many connections to our First Nations

Peoples unit will be made when meeting
with the local minority group.

Connections to our lessons on biodiversity

and structure are met at the organic farm.

The Arts

Social Studies

Students will continue to learn about

Local minority groups will teach students

new dances, and their historical meaning.

Global Issues Network (GIN)

Travel with and learn from students from

the School for Hearing Impairments.

Highlights of the trip

Direct connections to Canadian Curriculum

Spirit of exploration and personal development

Cultural learning and amusement!


Personal endurance and resilience

CIS Character Traits

Itinerary Day 1
Saigon Dalat arrival Tuyen Lam camping Group A
07:00 - Buffalo Tours guides will pick the group at your school then transfer to Tan Son Nhat Airport (using CIS school bus) for
your flight to Dalat.
Note: Transfer from CIS to the airport by CIS school bus

Flight from Saigon to Dalat: VN 1380 SGN: 08:20 - DLI 09:10

09:10 - Arrival. Pick up at Lien Khuong Airport (Box breakfast provided). Vehicle transfer to Tuyen Lam Lake area, then the group
will be divided into 2 groups.

Group A: 5 teams
10:30 13:30 - Razorback trek
This 9 km adventure, the new one day treks, heads up and along a jungle fringed ridgeline just south of town. This lonely trail
charges up to its peak elevation early on and then gently rolls before heading down to the lake where it finishes.
13:30 - 14:30 - Picnic lunch at Suoi Tia Campsite. Relax
14:30 - 16:30 - Raft building Competition
The 5 teams will be provided with Raft building materials (bamboo, twine, floating drums and life jackets). Teams will have 1.5
hours to design and build their own rafts which they will use to race against each other through a set course on Tuyen Lam Lake.
5:00 pm - Back to campsite. Refreshment

Itinerary Day 1
Saigon Dalat arrival Tuyen Lam camping Group B
Group B: 5 teams

10:30 13:30 - Razorback trek

12:00 - Picnic Lunch at site (lunch time will depend on the activity time of teams.)
13:30 16:30 - Teams continue the activities.
16:30 - Group B will take a short boat ride to Nam Qua Campsite. Check in tents. Clean Up/ Relax
17:00 - 18:30 - Camp cooking "class (By guides)
Guides will prepare a couple of simple dishes to cook. Students will learn how to cook outside and they can help with the cooking.
18:30 19:30 - Dinner at Nam Qua Camp restaurant
19:30 - 20:30 - Bonfire

*Note: The Group will bring marshmallows and we will provide bamboo sticks for marshmallow toasting.)

Overnight in tents at the camp

Itinerary Day 1 Activities

High Ropes Course: High Ropes events take team members to new heights. Participants work through a series of climbing and
balancing activities up to forty feet in the air. Each person selects their personal level of challenge and then experiences the thrill
of reaching beyond perceived limits while achieving their personal goal, with total team focus and support. Each team will rotate
through all courses.
Zip Line Challenge: This challenge requires participants to zip line across the lake.
Monkey Bridge: Team members must climb up to the top of the monkey bridge and walk across in the fastest time possible.
Leap of Faith: Team members must climb up to the top of the pole, balance and then leap to the high wire handle. This activity
focuses on confidence and trust again at a very high level. People are moved way outside of their comfort zones and tested.

Team Building Challenges:

Spider Web: The message is clear: quality is more important than quantity. This event demands both collaborative planning and
plenty of trust.
Blind Blocks: This is a communication activity that forces teams to quickly organize themselves and delegate tasks. Success is
usually achieved by the team that clearly defines their system and has total buy in from all team members. (Trust,
communication, delegation of tasks)
Vision Quest: This problem solving initiative looks at the metaphor of vision within the context of leadership. It also examines
how vision is communicated and understood within teams.

Itinerary Day 2
Dalat Tuyen Lam Camping
7:00 - 8:00 - Breakfast at Campsite restaurant.

Group A and Group B will rotate the activities of Day 1 as above.

Group A: Ropes Course and Team Building games

Group B: Razorback Trek and Rafting Building

18:00 - 19:00 - Dinner at Nam Qua Camp restaurant

19:00 - 20:30 - Bonfire with marshmallow roasting and Minority Dance Performance

*Note: The Group will bring marshmallows and we will provide bamboo sticks for marshmallow toasting.)

Overnight in tents at the camp

Itinerary Day 3
Dalat Organic Farming Soft Trek to Dankia
7:00 - 8:00 - Breakfast at Campsite restaurant. Briefing before the activities of the day.
8:00 - 9:00 - Check out tents
9:00 Boat ride to Tuyen Lam Boat station and meet students and teachers of the School for Hearing Impaired Children
There will be students and teachers of the School for Hearing Impaired Children joining the group on this day.
Teachers of the Hearing Impaired School could give the students a quick refresher on sign language for about 15 minutes before

9:30 - 16:00 - Days activities

12:20 - Lunch at Song May Restaurant
13:30 - Group A and Group B switch the activities
16:00 - Transfer to Hoang Anh Dat Xanh Resort. Check in and refreshment
18:00 - 20:00 - BBQ Buffet Dinner at Moulin Rouge Restaurant

Itinerary Day 3 Activities


Group A Organic farming

Students will learn about Environmental Balance and Organic Farming Techniques (planting, fertilizing and harvesting). Students
will also be able to participate in farming activities with local farmers.

Group B - Soft trek to Dankia

This pleasant 1.5 hour walk takes you out to the pine forested area just north of Dalat and wanders down on peaceful trails to
the lake below. The trail goes over a couple of moderate hills before dropping down gradually. Dankia Lake greets you at the end
of the trail and a beautiful park with flower gardens presents an opportunity to sit back and enjoy the great outdoors.

Itinerary Day 4
Dalat - Ho Chi Minh

6:30 - 7:30 - Breakfast at Hotel. Check out

* Note: Students need to pack up their belongings beforehand.

8:00 - Vehicle transfers the group to Lien Khuong Airport for flight back to Saigon
Flight from Dalat to Saigon: VN 1381 DLI 10:00 - SGN 10:45

Upon arrival Tan Son Nhat Airport, you are transferred back to your school by CIS school bus for drop-off. (Please note that
Buffalo Tours guides will accompany the group from Dalat to HCMC and help the group with check-in procedures at the airport)
Note: Transfer from airport to CIS by CIS school bus

Tour ends.

Campsite and Hotel

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment

Packing list

Risk assessment

School program rural evacuation protocol

Please refer to the attached document

Risk Assessment
Weather condition

Surrounded by mountains and pine forests, Da Lat has many characteristics of a temperate climate. The average
temperature here is 1821C, with highest temperature 30C and lowest 5C. Dalat also has the two season climate
typical of South Vietnam, with a monsoon season from May to October and a dry season from November to April.

Risk Assessment


During activities


Students asked to be alert to changes in

behaviour: fatigue, lack of energy, headaches,
dizziness, not visiting the toilet, little sweat,
stomach cramps, inability to use the toilet.

Immediate first aid and/or


Lost person


Travel in groups. Obey route instructions.

Take contact phone numbers of guides and
accommodation address and number.

Guides ensure all other

participants are together with
supervision before going to
look for missing person.



Warn not to wear jewellery or show obvious

signs of wealth. Take out only the money you
need, and split between pockets and moneybelts. Do not get large amounts of money out
when paying for items. Be aware while in
crowds or on transport.

Report loss of passports or

other items of value to police
and get a report for

Risk Assessment




Warn to watch out for bicycles, animals and

cars that may not follow the same 'rules of the
road' as home country.

Report incident to police as




Go out in groups. Guides recommend be wary

of those offering 'good deals' or some 'special'

Report incident to police as




Recommend strict care of personal

belongings. Use safety deposit boxes for
valuables at hotel.

Report incident to police as


Risk Assessment


Injury due to
slips trips or


Guides will brief the group in all aspects of

trek including obstacle crossing and
current conditions. Ensure all students
wearing adequate footwear

Observation then possible First

Aid / hospitalisation.



Guides constantly monitor the group &

brief the students prior to trek & verbally
check fluid intake before, during and after
the session.

Observation then possible First

Aid / hospitalisation.



The instructors constantly monitor the

group and observe levels of fitness and

Observation then possible First

Aid / hospitalisation.

Lost person


Travel in groups along well marked paths.

Obey guide instructions. Guides are
positioned at front and back of group

Guides ensure all other

participants are together with
supervision before going to look
for missing person.

Risk Assessment


Injury due to
slips trips or


Bamboo raft


Life jackets must be worn for all water

activities. Guides brief students on activity and
checks all life jackets secure.

Observation then possible

Life jackets must be worn for all water

activities. Guides brief students on activity and
checks all life jackets secure.

Observation then possible

Guides provide safety briefing on use of tools

and cutting bamboo.

Observation then possible

First Aid / hospitalisation.

First Aid / hospitalisation.

Injury due to
slips, falls,

Injury from
pinches cuts.


First Aid / hospitalisation.

Risk Assessment

Eating and



Buffalo Tours guides inspect all restaurants

and cooking areas to ensure hygienic cooking
conditions, all fruit/vegetables are peeled and
cooked properly, all utensils and bowls/plates
thoroughly cleaned. Guides observe group to
ensure all eating adequate food and cater for
any food allergies, and dietary requirements.

Monitor throughout tour.

In the event of upset tummies /
nausea initially water /
electrolytes and rest for up to 48
hours. Avoid Imodium or similar
unless embarking on longdistance travel. If situation not
rectified in 48 hours then referral
to health centre or hospital.
Monitor throughout Project.



Buffalo Tours guides ensure all water is

treated or bottled. Guides observe group to
ensure enough water is being drunk.

In the event of heat exhaustion

& dehydration plenty of rest
and fluids. Hospitalisation in
serious cases.

Payments and CIS Account Information

Payments and CIS Account Information

Student Information

Buffalo Tourss Awards

Winner, Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014
An award that honors hospitality excellence for businesses who consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews on Tripadvisor
CEO won Entrepreneur of the year 2013
An official award from the US Ambassador and Dean of University of Hawaii
Winner, Vietnams leading tour operator and destination management company, The Guide Award 2000 2013
As voted for by the readers of The Guide Magazine, the Vietnam Economic Times.
Winner, Vietnam Top International Tour Operator 2010, 2011
An official award from Vietnams Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and Vietnam Association of Tourism
Winner, Best Tour Operator, Cond Nast Traveller World Savers Awards 2007
Buffalo Tours integrates off-the-beaten-path villages, volunteerism, and volunteering homestays into its programmes (all run by local
guides), and donates three percent of its profits to humanitarian causes. The companys business has helped Mai Chau Valley tribes
sustain traditional weaving and farming. Conde Naste Traveller
CEO won the PATA Face of the Future Award 2007
The award was a reflection of Buffalo Tours positive contribution to the local community in promoting sustainable
Named one of the 158 Best Adventure Travel Companies in the World by National Geographic
Adventure (NGA) magazine.
The NGA selection takes into account education, sustainability, quality of service and spirit of adventure.
Best Adventure Tour Operator 2002 2006
As voted for by the readers of the Vietnam Economic Times for five consecutive years.

Buffalo Tourss team
Main contact:

Buffalo Tours Ltd. (SGN Office)

Tuan Le - 096 873 1188

L8, 157 Pasteur, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Guides: (might change)

T: +84 8 3820 8822 - ext. 111

Tran Truong Hai - 0908455558

Nguyen Ngoc Qui - 0907057307

F: +84 8 3820 4020

Do Thanh Phuoc - 0908964682

Nguyen Van Them - 0939 582 528

Operation Ho Chi Minh Hotline: (24h support)


Mr Trang Kim Tuong

Ms Nguyen Lam Thy

Operation Manager

Operation Supervisor

M: +84 903 611 419

M: +84 909 653 661

Safe travels with ETA Buffalo Tours!

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