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OSCAR, the word which makes me think way before I know about movies where, I dont even
understand the conversations made by the lead characters in a movie. I used to watch movies for
the action scenes and amazing visual effects on the screen which makes anyone go bonkers. But,
now as a grown up being, movies for me is all about the performances of artists and the way the
technicians work with excellence.
The little trophy or the OSCAR MAN stands still by robbing everybodys glances on him. Many
people would be giving all their efforts and dreams to achieve the mysterious trophy. The
Envelope Please along with and the OSCAR goes to are the phrases that will be ringing in
every artists mind. It is treated as a highest life time achievement for the movie buffers.
The Academy Awards, or Oscars, have been given out since 1927, when a non-profit
organization the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) was formed. The
5,607 voting members of "the Academy" select their peers to be recognized for achievement in
filmmaking. The Academy is made up of professionals from every aspect of film production,
from actors and directors to sound technicians.
This is the voting process according to the Academy web site. Academy members are separated
by profession, and are allowed to chose from a large list of eligible films to select who they feel
should be nominated for awards in their respective field. Actors and actors alone decide who is
nominated for acting awards. After the nominees have been selected, a second ballot is mailed
out to all voters. This ballot has the nominees for every category on it, not just the area in which
the voter is trained. After selecting one choice in each category, the voters then mail their ballot
back to the academy. The voting is done in an informal manor, and ballots are usually mailed to
and from the home of the voter. However, the tallying process is much more tedious. Each year
the accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Cooper secures and counts the votes. They insure every
count is correct, and that the results remain a secret up until the envelope is opened on national