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Unit -4

Circuit breaking and testing of circuit breakers


Describe circuit breaker and explain its operation in brief ?

Explain how arc is initiated and maintained ?
What are methods of arc extinction ?
Explain a.c and d.c circuit breaking ?
What do you understand by breaking current and making current ?
Explain transient recovery voltage and various factors affecting it ?
Define recovery voltage and state the effect of reactance drop and
armature reaction on recovery voltage ?
Derive rate of rise of transient recovery voltage ?
Explain rrrv and active recovery voltage ?
Explain the phenomena of current chopping in a circuit breaker ?
Explain how arc can be extinguished in a circuit breaker ?
Explain high arc resistance method of arc quenching ?
Explain low arc resistance method of arc quenching ?
How contacts space in circuit breakers is ionized ?
What is the process of deionization in case of circuit breakers ?
Calculate the rrrv of 132 kv circuit breaker with neutral earthed s.c data
as follows: broken current is symmetrical , restriking voltage has
frequency 20khz , p.f 0.15.assume fault is also earthed ?
Derive expression for restriking voltage and rrrv in terms of
voltage , inductance voltage and capacitance ?
How interruptions of capacitive current takes place in ac circuit breakers
? explain ?
In a 220 kv system , the reactance and capacitance upto the location of
circuit breaker is 6 ohms and 0.2 mf respectively . calculate the value of
critical resistance for suppressing transient oscillations ?
Describe the two theories related to arc extinction ?