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ol (IN 125 (Please write your Exam Roll No) Exam Roll No. END-TERM EXAMINATION FIFTH SEMESTER [BCA] DECEMBER-2007 Paper Code: BCA-303 jet Programming (Paper: 20303 : E en Bateh: (2005) (5x5=25) {p) Draw the diagram representing the major components of the .NET framework. ) What are the major benefits of the NET framework? _§e) Name the three primary entities of a NET application. fnat are the custom types in .NET, explain with the help of an example. {gf Give four points of difference between VB.NET and Visual Basic Q2. What is a server explorer in VB.NET? Write the steps of adding a connection to Server Explorer. (12.5) 2 What is the scope of variables in VB.NET? Explain each one withthe help of an example. (12.5) 04, Differentiate between ASP.NET and ASP on the basis of environment, Database support, deployment and versioning, scalability and stability, _ Debugging and Error handling (12.5) ~~ What are Web Controls? Name ten common properties which are common to all web controls. Create a small web application for displaying the current date ind time. (12.5) Name and describe the different ways in which the user can connect to the Database using the ASP.NET. (5) Describe the different type of controls that constitute the family of ASP.NET controls, (7.5) Q7. Using the syntaw/concepts of VB.NET, design a scientific calculator that should use essential controls like Menubar, Textbox, labels etc. with proper event handling & validations. (12.5)