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Prototypes: The concept of prototypes of love is discussed in our textbook.

The assumption
is that all of us, whether formally or informally, have a list of what we are looking for in a
mate. Make of list of the 15 most important things you look for in a mate. Once you have
completed the list, put a start next to the five characteristics, traits or qualities that you believe
are most important. Explain why you identified those five as being the most important qualities
in a mate.
Parker Hitchcock
IRE Ch. 5 (#7) 5A
1. Understanding *
2. Kind
3. Respectful *
4. Caring
5. Truthful/honest *
6. Accepting of everyone *
7. Non-judgmental
8. Ability to listen
9. Value others opinion
10. Doesnt have to always be right
11. Friendly
12. Makes me laugh
13. Someone that I can be myself with *
14. Tall
15. Athletic
The reason these things are important to me is because they are things that I value. As I
reflect on my friends relationships and my past relationship, I realize what needed to be worked
on and what was missing. As I reflect on my parents relationship, I see what I want and what I
do not want. They are not the only people that learned from their divorce. I want someone who
will be understanding of me, as well as other people. No matter what religion, race, flaws, beliefs
that I have, I need my partner to be accepting and patient. My views and opinions should be as
important to my partner as his would be to me. I would expect my partner to understand and
respect the views and opinions of my family, especially that of my parents. Understanding and
respecting my friends is also important. Honesty is vital in a relationship. I need my partner to be
100% honest with me, no matter what. It is true that truth hurts at times, but I would rather know
the truth. I would respect my partner more if he was willing to tell me the truth as opposed to
lying to me. Once a lie has been told to your partner, and it is discovered, it is so hard to ever get
that trust back. I need to feel comfortable around my partner. If I am not completely comfortable
with my partner, then there is some reason for that. If I cannot trust that I am accepted, then I
cannot be open and be myself. I do not want to second guess what I am going to say out of fear

that I will be laughed at or made fun of. I take all of my relationships seriously, and they mean a
lot to me. Intimacy makes me feel vulnerable, yet it is vital to a successful relationship. I am
willing to share myself with the right person. Having security with intimacy provides us with
confidence, happiness, contentment, and a sense of well-being. Intimate relationships are
connected to happiness, contentment, and a sense of well-being. They also offer protection from
some stress related symptoms and reduce out likelihood of illness, depression, and accidents.
People who lack satisfying, positive, intimate relationships are at a greater risk of illness.
(Strong & Cohen, 2014, p.147). Strong B., & Cohen, T.F. (2014). The marriage and family
experience: Intimate relationships in a changing society (12th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.