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ersor20%e (Customs at Indian Aports Form - INDIAN CUSTOMS DECLARATION FORM Seo Name of the Passenger Passport Number Nationality ce Pes ARON Flight No. Number of Bagdige (including hand baggage), Country from where coming, — ease Countries visited in last six days. 9, Total value of dutiable goods being imported (Rs.). 10. Are you bringing the following items into India? (please tick Yes or No) (i) Prohibited Articles Yes/No (ii). Gold jewellery (over Free Allowance) Yes / No (ii) Gold Bullion Yes/No (iv) Meat and meat products/dairy Gor poultry products Yes/No ow =e om material os Yes / No wi sate QO) a Yes/No (ii) Indian currefey cant Rs. 10,000/- Yes /No (si) Foreign curency notes exceeding USS 5,000 or equivalent Yes / No (ix) Aggregate value of foreign exchange including Yes /No curreney exceeds US$ 10,000 or equivalent. Please report to Customs Officer at the Red Channel counter in ease answer to any of the above questions is *Ves’. Signature of Passenger Back Page hitpuliwnw-path2usa.comicustoms-atindian-irpors ersor20%e (Customs at Indian Airports IMPORTANT INFORMATION Shown incorrectly eee Property rights Wild life products. Country years of age residing. in India| China of age residing nina Myer, China Maps and literature where Indian external boundaries have been Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Sut Goods violating any ofthe legally vex! Counterfeit Currency notes! Currency noes, Specified Live Birds oo™ eS * Eligible Passenge Origin Duty Free Allowance Passengers of Indian origin |Nepal, Bhutan, [Rs. 6,000 land foreigners of over 10 | Myanma, Passengers of Indian origin JOther than RS. 35,000 land foreigners of over 10. | Nepal, Bhutan, Tourists of foreign origin [Anywhere [Gills and souvenirs worth RS8000| Indian passenger who has [Anywhere [Gold jewellery [been residing abroad for (Gentleman - Rs. $0,000 lover one year Lady - Rs.1,00,000 AI passengers [Anywhere [Alcohol liquor or_wine: 2 Tires [Anywhere [Cigaretes 200 numbers or Cigars 260 250 grams Passenger of 18 years and|Anywhere labove Customs duty is leviable @ 36. Customs duty @ 35% + Education Cess @3%) on th Ae" iss tis exces the wo Duty Free Allowan Indian Customs is ‘prBlecting the nation against the illegal import of prohibited wems. Indian Customs officers have the authority to question you and to examine you and your personal property. If you are one of the passengers selected for questioning / examination, you will be treated in a courteous, professional and dignified manner. If your baggage is mishandled / lost on arrival, please obtain endorsement of free allowance, if any, from Customs Officer at Mishandied Baggage Counter. For updated information on items prohibited restricted for import or in case of any difficulty or complaint, please contact the Customs PRO. AN CUSTOMS W CSE RLOUELON Disclaimer: This sample Is provided fr your convenience and reference purpose onl. Did you like Path2usa? Email this article os Sractisatciowtnatind’ Boa Customs Questions at he Aiport hitpuliwnw-path2usa.comicustoms-atindian-irpors