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Time: Three Hours 10. Reg. No. I B.Tech, DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOVEMBER 2011 Fifth Semester ‘80303 - COMPUTER NETWORKS (Fore candidates adited from the yar 2007-2008 omvards) Max. Marks: 100 Answer ALL Questions PART A (102 20 Marks) ‘Whats the diffrence between UDP and TCP? What isthe function of steway? iit down the estegores of guide transmission media. ‘Mention the various methods to mark the start and end of a frame. ‘Whats L persistent CSMA and non persistent CSMA? If stations 0010, 0100, 1001 and 1010 ae all tying o get the broadcast chanael, then which station will succeed ‘sing binary countdown method? ‘Write the quality of service parameters for transport lay. ‘What do you mean by three-way bandsake potocl? “What isthe function of domain name systems? Whats meant by emai gateway? PART—B (Sx 16~ 80 Marks) 11a. Explain the OSI reference model with ¢ neat diagram. (OR) ', Explain the various network topologies and network devices. Ra Explain the various error detection and error correction techniques. (oR) Explain the following sliding window protocols. (@ Protocol using selective repeat Gi) Protocol using go backen Explain any two nonadaptive routing algorithms with examples. (OR) Explain IEEE standard 802.4. Explain how will you establish and release a connection using transport protocol. (oR) Explain the following: (TCP protocol (i) TCP segment header i) TCP transmission policy )) TEP congestion control Explain HTTP and explain how will you write a web page in HTML, Write short notes on URL. (oR) Explain multimedia,