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Presented by

Scott Goldfine
scott.goldfine@bobit.com / 704-663-7125

Introduction / Background / SSI

Sales & Marketing (SAMMY) Awards
Key Trends, Observations &

Sales & Marketing Survey Results
Question and Answer

Graduated in 1986 with honors from Cal State, Northridge with degree in Radio-Television- Film.

Media endeavors encompass magazines, Internet, radio, TV, film, records, teletext and books.

Certified alarm tech, ex-CATV tech and A/V entrepreneur, and lifelong tech/electronics buff.

Joined SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION, part of Bobit Business Media, in 1998.

Direct all editorial aspects of magazine brand in print, electronically, online and in person. Awardwinning work includes groundbreaking research, landmark features, high profile case studies, and
many industry exclusives.

Well versed in the technical and business aspects of electronic security.

Frequent participant in industry events, collaborator with industry leaders and organizations, and
member of trade association committees.

Founded and involved in many notable programs, including the SAMMYs, Hall of Fame, and
Police Dispatch Quality and CSAA Five Diamond Marketing Marvel awards.

Resides near Charlotte, N.C., with wife of 13 years (Jill), 9-year-old son (Nathan), and three cats
(Mia, Rex and Sasha).

Founded in 1979, reaches 28,000+ executive, sales & technical

professionals whose businesses install and monitor electronic
security equipment and services.

Through print, electronic and in-person platforms, SSI focuses on

four cornerstones of a successful security systems business:
Technology (convergence, IP, wireless, analytics, open systems,

installation techniques, suppliers, etc.)

Profitability (RMR opportunities, ROI models, sales/marketing,
competitive issues, etc.)
Operations (insurance, recruiting, training, finance, HR, accounting,
vehicles, etc.)
Industry (false alarms, legislation, licensing, trade associations,
events, consolidation, etc.)

Much changed past 5 years how security companies sell products & services as well as how
they market and promote their businesses

Surviving worst recession in 80 years required reassessing every facet of operations to

become more cost effective and efficient

At same time, technology and customer habits have shifted how information is processed as
well as nature of provided services themselves

Social media and smartphones, scarcely a blip on anyones screen, now key to sales and
marketing success

Use of online, Email and tablet-based presentations also become significant

Concurrently was a precipitous drop in YP and newspaper advertising, and cuts in free
equipment and monitoring incentivizing

Yet traditional tactics like referrals, product demos and yard signs/decals remain extremely

More firms cutting costs by bringing campaign development in-house and marketing
expenditures continue to be tight, most budgets now stablilized

Bundled services on rise, and suppliers and trade associations being leveraged for more lead

This sea change plays out in the 2013 Sales & Marketing
SSIs first such study since 2008 and seventh since 1992
Nearly 200 company owner, executive and sales manager
respondents participated
Primary results published in June 2013 Sales & Marketing
Issue; also at securitysales.com
Offers treasure trove for security marketers seeking to get
leg up on the competition
For more results and analysis, check out the special Under
Surveillance blog at securitysales.com/blog; also
SecuritySTATS research

Fairly priced, technically adept, outstanding customer service and IT expertise.

They are heroes when they are educated and trained. Part of this includes codes
and compliance, which is rarely found in a company.

We have a problem; we make one phone call, problem solved. I understand it may be
difficult, but with one call the solution process begins.

Understanding our organizational culture, where we are, where we should head.

Being able to communicate with the IT world.

Knows what they can and cant do; communicates restrictions when they exist.

Adaptability products that do not become obsolete quickly and are interoperable
with other vendors products. Nonproprietary.

Delivering the designed system on time and providing appropriate training after
work has been completed so key features do not go unused.

A willingness to grab a screwdriver BEFORE sticking your hand out.

My integrator is a hero if they are truly my partner.

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Presented by

Scott Goldfine
scott.goldfine@bobit.com / 704-663-7125


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