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The Supreme Good is defined as Happiness by both ordinary and cultured people

The three lives that Aristotle believes people live are those who love pleasure, those
who love honour and those who love contemplation
The thing that distinguishes humans from animals is the faculty of reason we have the
capacity to use reason in order to think about the quality of our lives
We should use that reason to in order to work out what a good life is and then to live it
According to Aristotle the two main parts of the soul are rational and irrational
rational is split into scientific and calculative, and irrational is split into desiderative and
According to Aristotle we acquire moral virtues through habit
The Doctrine of the Mean
a. The attitude towards feelings determines whether or not you are virtuous and
feelings should not drown reason
b. We learn at adulthood to control and direct our feelings and then develop moral
c. The mark of virtue is shown through having feelings at the right times on the
right grounds towards the right people for the right motive and in the right way
and too feel them to an intermediate, to the best degree
Friendship is important for a truly moral life because we are social and political human
beings. Communities depend upon it. It comes before justice