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Mountain Bike Riding Camp Itinerary

Thursday May 21st

8:55am- Meet at HFC Basketball Courts
9:30am- Depart MFGSC
10:15am- Arrive Eumeralla Scout Camp, snack time
10:30am- Campsite orientation, unpack trailer, tent and camp set-up
11:00am- Unload bike trailer, adjust bikes/helmets
11:30am- Lunch
12:00pm- Mountain Bike Ride around Eumeralla to Jarosite Mine.
4:15pm- Return to campsite
5:00pm- Dinner, cook Entre, Main & Dessert
7:30pm- Night activity
8:00pm- Reflection
8:30pm- Free time
9:30pm- Bed time

Friday May 22nd

8:00am- Wake up, pack up inside of tent
8:30am- Breakfast
9:00am- Pack trailer
9:30am- Mountain Bike Riding
12:00pm- Return to Eumeralla, pack bikes onto trailer, Pack up tents
12:45pm- Lunch at Anglesea shops
1:45pm- Depart Anglesea
2:30pm- Return to MFGSC to unload trailer, scrub trangias, dry/put
equipment away