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Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company headquartered in Bangalore,

Karnataka. It was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. In its
initial years, Flipkart focused on online sales of books, but it later expanded to
electronic goods and a variety of other products. Flipkart offers multiple
payment methods like credit card, debit card, net banking, e-gift voucher, and
the major of all Cash on Delivery. The cash-on-delivery model adopted by
Flipkart has proven to be of great significance since credit card and net banking
penetration is very low in India.

Startup Phase - How did it Start?

Flipkart was started in 2007 by two alumni's of Indian Institute of Technology,
Delhi. It started with selling books and branched out to selling CDs, DVDs,
mobile phones and accessories and peripherals, pens and stationery, home
appliances, kitchen appliances, personal care gadgets ,health care products,
A.C,air coolers, school supplies, office supplies, art supplies and lifestyle
products. As of today, Flipkart employs more than 4500 people.


Sachin Bansal
CEO and Co-founder
Sachin spent his early years in Chandigarh. He graduated from IIT-Delhi with a
degree in Computer Engineering. In 2006 he joined Amazon.com in India
which he later left to set-up Flipkart.
As CEO, Sachin oversees all the customer facing activities of the company
ranging from technology to marketing. He is also in charge of Flipkart's
corporate divisions which include the finance and legal departments.
An avid gaming enthusiast, Sachin likes to spend most of his free time with his
Binny Bansal
CEO and Co-founder
Born and raised in Chandigarh, Binny went on to get a degree in Computer
Engineering from IIT Delhi. He had a brief stint at Amazon before taking the
entrepreneurial plunge with Flipkart.
At Flipkart, Binny oversees all operational activities that come into play from
the time the customer places an order till the time of delivery. This spans across
divisions like warehousing, logistics and customer support.
Binny is also passionate about soccer and NBA. An active sportsman, he used
to captain his school basketball and soccer teams.

The company started from 2 employees and now has around 4500 employees.
Flipkart started with consignment model, since most of the customer issues like
delivery delays etc. result from procurement model, the company started
opening its own warehouses as it started getting more investments. The
company opened its first warehouse in Bangalore and later on opened
warehouses in Delhi, Kolkatta and Mumbai. Today the company works with
more than 500 suppliers. As on date more than 80% orders of Flipkart are
handled via warehouses which helps in quick and efficient service

Flipkarts goal is to be Amazon of India:

They will be far ahead in the game, by the time Amazon make a full fledge
entry with their own brand retail products in India. It will make Flipkart
stronger in the field of E-retailing. This acquisition fits in to their strategy of
building dominant shares in all the categories they operate in. The price they
paid for this opportunity was very attractive.
This will now, allow them to accelerate faster and to get to a share similar to
what they enjoy in online books category. This will strengthen the position
of Flipkart in Indian market in light of the quiet entry of Amazon in Indian ecommerce industry through jungle.com.


The first and foremost was that we Indians were discarding our stone-age
ways and beginning to shop online.

Another thing the two entrepreneurs, Sachin and Binny Bansal, did
right was that they started off with books a low capital investment and a
fast turn-around time.

But the best thing they did was that they understood that too be
successful in India, you need to be the God of Distribution.

In India, its amazing Logistics that prove to be the game-changer and

thats exactly what the folks at Flipkart have done.

Initially when they started out, it wasnt easy for us to earn the trust of the

Handling customer complaints, without having a face to our customer

service proves to be bit of a challenge at times.

Not having the display advantage, the browsing feature and not being
able to carry out promotional activities are some other obvious

The discomfort of paying by cards, on account of security fears is

another challenge. They have now tried to address that by introducing the
cash-on-delivery option.

The fact that highest number of orders and sales get registered during
weekends proves to be tough at times for logistics and customer service.

The fact that we have to work 24 / 7 and the customer perceptions

around it also bring some difficulty (For example, the customer places an
order at 12 am and counts the number of hours for delivery right from

Flipkart has been mostly marketed by word of mouth advertising.

Customer satisfaction has been their best marketing medium.

All in all to create a great customer experience.

Flipkarts Success mantra!

Great customer service
Flipkart users are more satisfied than that of their competitors. Great
customer service has been its hallmark.

Easy to use website

The user interface is sleek and easy to use.
Cash on delivery/Card on delivery mode of payment
This has been a major instrument in Flipkarts success. Almost 60% of its
sales happen through this mode. Cash on delivery created trust in the
minds of Indian customers who were always weary of making payments

Focused on user experience

Every other e-commerce site, tried to cram the maximum of amount of

information possible into every single page where as Flipkart focused on
providing only the relevant info.

There are no major foreseeable threats in the future.
The company has built a great brand name, they just have to maintain
and enhance the same.
Need to keep introducing more products, adapting to the changing needs
of the customer with time.
The entry of Amazon.com in 2012 in the Indian e-commerce space has
been cited as a big challenge to Flipkart.
However i think that Flipkart is a respected Brand name in India and
should be able to compete with Amazon.
Remember Amazon being a very big company can bring in serious
competition to Flipkart, since Amazon can bear more losses in the
beginning to gain customer base.
But again Indian market is growing at a rapid pace as access to internet
increases and people become more aware of e-commerce sites and start
trusting the same.
Hence Indian market is sufficiently big at-least for these two giants to
co-exist beneficially.


They will look at bigger investments in their supply chain and
Investment will be made in large warehouses and increased automation
of their process, so that the product is not delayed.
They intend to enter in to various new categories and expand their
current categories as well.
Everything except for groceries and automobiles will be available on
Flipkart in future.

To go further in the value chain, Flipkart is looking at associations with

a larger number of suppliers and partners, both nationally and

Now that Amazon is reportedly entering India in early 2012, this news
becomes even more significant, considering that Amazon has previously,
and unsuccessfully, tried acquiring the company, with Flipkart
demanding a very high buyout price.


Website is great, easy to use, easy to browse through the products, add
products to wish list or to a cart, get product reviews and opinions, preorder products, make convenient payments using different methods and
better Search Engine Optimization.
Quality level of the products is absolutely fine E.g., If we take the quality
of books available in Crossword and Landmark is same as the quality of
books ordered by Flipkart.com.

Products are packed in such a way that they are Tamper proof, weather
proof and breakage proof.
Product line on Flipkart.com have warranties as promised by the brand of the
product if applicable
30-day replacement guarantee for faulty products.
Product line is extensive one as discussed earlier. Derives around 50% of
its revenue from selling books online.
Flipkart as a brand has already differentiated itself as a pioneer in book
retailer, trustworthy in terms of swift services and secure payments,
quality-oriented products with lower price offerings than retail market),
innovative product line, customer delightful service which has helped
them to form its own distinctive image better.
Some unique product features of Flipkart.com such as
Wish list
E-gift voucher

Channel type: Words of mouth (if we can say that) which hasbeen key
driver for their growth.
When an order is placed they either serve the order from their inventory
or procure the book on demand from various suppliers and then deliver
the customer.
As on date more than 80% orders of Flipkart are handled via warehouses
which helps in quick and efficient service.
We deliver orders in 1 day in Tier-I cities and 2-3 days in Tier II cities
and 3-5 days Tier III cities

Shipping and Courier would act as intermediaries in this process.

Warehouses are located in the following cities, often near airports.

Price of the product taking account of various expenses such as Supplier
expenses, Transportation expenses, Packaging expenses, Shipping
expenses, Courrier expenses, inventory maintenance expense, office and
stationery expenses, sales and advertisement expenses, taxes,
depreciation, discount allowances and many more expenses.
Roughly about 5-7% profit per book orders which indicates that
generation of revenue is on volume basis.
Differentiated themselves by giving best selections, best service sat
lowest best possible prices.
Discounts upto 35% across all categories.

Upper edge in competitive pricing


Employees of divisions like Website, Business Planning andAnalytics, ERP,

Business Development, Product Managementand Marketing, Supply-Chain
Management and CustomerSupport are generating revenue for it.

SELECTION CRITERIA AT FLIPKART :While years of experience are always beneficial for a candidate, Flipkart's focus
is to hire those who are able to consistently raise the bar and introduce a variety
of innovations to move this organization forward. As Flipkart grows, we feel it
is absolutely necessary that our employees are also able to grow professionally
with the organization.
Adequate Training as per their roles and responsibilities is given to them
accordingly and incentives.
Telephone Sales force is only 2% of the total employees focussing to
reduce the unsold/goods not much in demand.
Majority of Flipkart are employed in Customer support division.
It is the only customer support division in India having 24x7customer
support functioning for issues such as regarding choice of the product to
purchase,shipping,courier, how to order on website, mode of payment,
gift voucher, order status &cancellation and returns.
Unique tool of Sales Promotion is Affiliate on their website.
Publicity is by words of mouth publicity generating trust to user.

The number of internet users is on a rapid rise worldwide and is used by people
of all age and types. Internet has become a major medium for communication,
entertainment and is in the process of replacing traditional entertainment, promo
products, and informative Medias.
Some businesses are finding that handing out a promo product such as pens,
business cards, and mugs are too costly and yield little results. Likewise,
traditional marketing forms such as television, radio, newspaper, magazines,
etc., are becoming a thing of the past.
Internet has also become a major and effective medium for advertising and it
has be predicted that the online advertising and marketing is soon going to
replace the advertising through traditional medias such as television, radio,
newspaper and magazines. I have picked around 10 advantages of online
advertising (not in that order) when compared with the traditional offline
1) Wider Coverage
The online advertising gives your ads a wider coverage and this globally wider
coverage helps in making your advertisements reach more audiences, which
may ultimately help you in getting better results through your online advertising
2) Targeted Audiences
when compared with offline advertising, online advertising always helps you to
reach the targeted audience and this helps in making your campaign more
profitable and getting more relevant leads.
3) Affordable
Another main advantage of online advertising or marketing is the much
affordable price when compared with the traditional advertising costs. With a
much lesser cost you can advertise on the net for a wider range of audience and
geographical locations.
4) Easy to Track and Measure Conversion

Measurability and easiness to track the conversion makes online advertising

miles ahead on the traditional advertising methods. A lot of effective analytics
tools are available to measure online advertising campaigns which help in more
improvisation of the ads.
5) Speed
Online advertising is much faster than offline advertising and you can start
sending out your ads to a wider audience, the moment you start your advertising
6) Informative
In online advertising, the advertiser is able to convey more details about the
advertisement to the audience and that too at relatively low cost. Most of the
online advertising campaigns are composed of a clickable link to a specific
landing page, where users get more information about the product mentioned in
the ad.
6) Flexible Payment
Payment flexibility is another added advantage of online advertising and
marketing. In offline advertising you need to pay the full amount to the
advertising agency irrespective of the results. But in online advertising there is
the flexibility of paying for only qualified leads, clicks or impressions.
7) Better ROI
Since online advertising is mainly focused on performance based payment, you
ROI is sure to be far better when compared with offline advertising.
8) Easy Audience Engagement
Online advertisement makes is easy for the audience to engage with your ads or
products. As an advertiser we would be able to get more feedback from the
audience and thereby improve the quality of our ads going forward.
9) Better Branding
Any form of advertising helps in improving the branding and online advertising
stands high in improving the branding of your company, service or product.

From Rs 10,000 to $1-bn:

It was a 10,000-a-month allowance from their parents for almost 18 months that
helped Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal launch an e-commerce website retailing
books in October 2007. Today, the near-20% stake they hold, along with the top
management, in Flipkart is valued at almost Rs 2,000 crore.
Sachin Bansal, the chief executive of Bangalore-based Flipkart, says he has a
knack for underestimation. That is exactly what happened in March 2011 when
he and Binny Bansal, who are not related to each other, announced they would
reach the $1-billion (Rs 6,100-crore) sales mark in 2015. Last week, the site,
which now sells everything from books to electronics, apparel and jewellery,
reached the milestone, a full year ahead of the target.
Sachin, like his co-founder, grew up in Chandigarh. That is not the only
coincidence. Both went to IIT-Delhi and worked at different companies for
about a year before ending up in the same team at Amazon. It was during this
stint that the two decided to start up.

Why they acquired lets buy?

They will be far ahead in the game, by the time Amazon make a full fledge
entry with their own brand retail products in India.

It will make Flipkart stronger in the field of E-retailing.

This acquisition fits in to their strategy of building dominant shares in all

the categories they operate in.

The price they paid for this opportunity was very attractive.

This will now, allow them to accelerate faster and to get to a share similar
to what they enjoy in online books category.

This will strengthen the position of Flipkart in Indian market in light of

the quiet entry of Amazon in Indian e-commerce industry through

There are no major foreseeable threats in the future. The company has built a
great brand name, they just have to maintain and enhance the same.
It needs to keep introducing more products, adapting to the changing needs of
the customer with time. The entry of Amazon.com in 2012 in the Indian ecommerce space has been cited as a big challenge to Flipkart. However i think
that Flipkart is a respected Brand name in India and should be able to compete
with Amazon. Remember Amazon being a very big company can bring in
serious competition to Flipkart, since Amazon can bear more losses in the
beginning to gain customer base. But again Indian market is growing at a rapid
pace as access to internet increases and people become more aware of ecommerce sites and start trusting the same;hence Indian market is sufficiently
big at-least for these two giants to co-exist beneficially.
Thus in the end i would like to congratulate Flipkart founders for the
determination and hard
work they have put in to realize their dream. The rewards they are reaping are a
natural follow up. The company is currently valued at around 1 billion dollars
i.e. 5000 crore. More importantly Flipkart has ushered in the e-commerce era in
India. This has generated massive interest in e-commerce sector, people are
opening websites to sell anything from shoes to apparels to jewels to baby care
products etc. This has helped in creating a lot of job opportunities.

How they survive in competition?

The procurement model is at the heart of Flipkarts success, as most

delays or troubles occur in this part of business.
Flipkart employed consignment model i.e. procurement based on

It is the robust logistics at Flipkart that sets it apart from other wannabe ecommerce sites.

An amazingly well-oiled warehousing and delivery system.

They offer a huge range of titles (more than 7 million) which really sets
them apart from the rest of the crowd.

E-commerce ecosystem of India

The rapid growth of e-commerce in India is supported by an increasingly
ecosystem that speeds consumer products makers goods to online shoppers.
sector is classified into four major types, based on the parties involved in the
transactions Business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer, customer-tobusiness and customer-to-customer.


Online retail makes anything available everywhere, that too at a great price.
Checking top comparison engines tells you the story flipkart, amazon,
snapdeal, myntra are all in a league of their own when it comes to prices.
Offline retailers will have to come up with something innovative as well, since
Online retailers are entering the market with huge funding Flipkart recently
raised one billion dollars, amazon 2 billion, and Snapdeal too raised undisclosed
funding with Ratan Tata himself participating.
Flipkart has got a lot of marketing eyeballs, for free as well! Flipkart, and Indian
Ecommerce is slowly reaching heights that few have reached, and to me, this is
just the beginning! Quite exciting times for Indian Internet space.
Marketing strategy behind this offer from my point of view:
1) clearing of inventory
2) marketing hype
3) It makes people talk about you. No publicity is negative publicity. Yet, I'll
think twice before buying on flipkart on a normal day, however.

Flipkart raises 1 billion:

Indias biggest online retailer Flipkart has raised $1 billion in fresh capital from
new as well as existing investors with a goal to become the mobile ecommerce company of the future. The amount is the single largest round by
any Indian internet company and is among the largest in a single funding round
for any e-commerce company globally, the company said. It puts the company
in the league of companies such as Facebook whose funding rounds have
equaled or surpassed $1 billion.

Flipkart said it has 22 million registered users and handles 5 million shipments
every month. Some months ago, Flipkart had announced that it was Indias first
online retailer to hit $1 billion in gross merchandise value. These numbers
were unheard of a few years back and we are excited about the scale we have
managed to achieve. But what is even more exciting is the huge opportunity that
we still see before us, the company said in a media release.

Co-founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal said the capital would be used to
make long-term strategic investments in India, especially in mobile technology.
India currently has 243 million internet users but the user base is galloping as
users with smart phones capable of accessing the internet proliferate rapidly.
India will have over half-a-billion mobile internet users by 2020, Flipkart

We believe the internet will improve the quality of life for millions of Indians,
and e-commerce is going to play a huge role in this change. The focus at
Flipkart is to continue to make shopping online simpler and more accessible
through the use of technology, the founders said in a statement.
Flipkart wants to enable every Indian to either shop or sell online and believes
that the power of the mobile internet is going to help it achieve the goal
Flipkart offers 15 million products across over 70 categories and was founded
by the Bansals, former classmates who quit Amazon.com to launch the startup.
Their firm now competes against Amazon.com, a recent entrant into India that
is ramping up aggressively.

Why did flipkart have to raise a billion dollar??

Flipkart is expected to utilise the fresh round of funding to take on competition
from an increasingly aggressive Amazon, which launched its India operations a
little over a year ago.

The company also plans to hire 1,000 engineers with an eye on expanding its
R&D capabilities and is also looking at roping in mobile and technology experts
from Silicon Valley.
Sachin bansal said This will enable us to step up oue investment for
innovation in products and technologies, setting us up to become the mobile
e commerce company of the future. This funding will help us further
accelerate momentum to become a technology powerhouse.
Reason for Company's Success:
Flipkart enjoys top of the mind brand as far as buying books is concerned. It has
over 11.5 million titles in offer which undoubtedly makes it India's largest
online bookseller. Flipkart offers multiple payment methods like credit card,
debit card ,net-banking, e-gift voucher and Cash on delivery. One area where
Flipkart has scored strong is reading the virtual Indian consumer mind. Though
the ecommerce user has matured, a large segment is still hesitant to make
transactions using credit/debit card. The cash-on-delivery model has
undoubtedly got them with going with the web conservatives. It also allows
users to buy products without registering with alternatively providing Facebook
and Twitter sign-in. This makes it easier to buy products without registering and
remembering another online password. Moreover, you get a 15-20% discount
on every book purchase, and free shipping for every order of more than Rs. 200.
Also flipkart has an amazing well-oiled warehousing and delivery system. This
ensures that deliveries occur within promised times all over India.

Flipkart v/s snapdeal :

Flipkart and Snapdeal have raced to the top of the Indian ecommerce heap
quickly. But the two companies have followed different routes to reach the
position they are in today.
Flipkart and snapdeal are the great competitors. Like the Diwali bumper offer ,
snapdeal , flipkart and many other shopping sites were offering a great deal to
customers. Flipkart marketing stunt like sale start at 8p.m was very catchy one
to the customer. They sell their products at very low price during festival. Moto
G, moto E , xiomi phones are available at onlu flipkart. Xiomi phones sale
sopen only for 4 to 5 seconds , these stunts attracts the eye of the customer

Snapdeal is also one of the leading online store.

Amazon: android one are the best deal in recent days. At the beginning it was
only sold on this site but now it is available at ebay also at a bit high price.

Amazon v/s flipkart:

Flipkart just announced a $1 billion financing round a couple days back. And
not even a day had gone by before Amazon decided to steal Filpkart's thunder
by announcing that it would invest $2 billion into its India business. The big
question on everyone's mind is who will win in India - the homebred Flipkart or
the global e-commerce giant Amazon? The answer is perhaps obvious. The real
winner will be the Indian consumer. These announcements have made it amply
clear that the price wars will continue for several more years and that both firms
are willing to bleed more money in the name of market share. This will serve to
increase the reach of e-commerce in India, reduce prices and help improve
overall customer experience. Will either firm turn profitable anytime soon?
Now, that's a separate question.


Marking the biggest consolidation in the e-commerce space in India,

homegrown e-retailer Flipkart has acquired online fashion retailer Myntra in an
estimated Rs 2,000 crore deal.
Myntra will continue to operate as a separate entity with its co-founder and
CEO Mukesh Bansal joining Flipkart board and heading the fashion business.
India's e-commerce market has seen huge growth in the past few years as more
people log on to the Internet to shop. While apparel and electronics are
bestsellers for most e-commerce firms, categories such as home decor and
household items are also popular.
The industry, estimated to be worth about $3 billion currently, has firms such as
Snapdeal, eBay and Amazon which follow the marketplace model.

Myntra sells products from over 650 brands like Nike, HRX by Hrithik Roshan,
Biba and Steve Madden and clocked revenue of about Rs 1,000 crore in the
previous financial year.
It aims to double its revenue in this financial year as it expands its seller base
and adds products.
Myntra has about 100 sellers on board and plans to increase this number to
1,000 by fiscal end.

Business Model and USP:

The cash-on-delivery model adopted by Flipkart has proven to be of great
significance since the credit card and net banking penetration is very low in
India.In November 2011, Flipkart launched a new Electronic Wallet feature that
allows shoppers to purchase credit to their Flipkart account using credit or debit
cards, and can subsequently be utilised to make purchases on the site, as and
when required.This made shopping very easy for customers.

Web Presence and its importance

Flipkart does not have any showroom anywhere in the country. The web
presence of Flipkart has played a great role in the marketing strategy of word
of mouth . The web presence of the site was through the following ways :
Website : www.flipkart.com
On Google, the ranking of the site is improved on search to list out the website
and easy access. Improving ratings with search engine has promoted the name
and popularity among people.
There are internet forums where people post their feedback on Flipkart . The
presence of Flipkart in such forums and social media is equally encouraging .
Having a page in Facebook and having fan following in Twitter are all means
by which the company can advertise about its new arrivals and offers. The
company has diversified product sales into many areas that the company want to
advertise and reach out to the world.

Affiliate Marketing is also an attempt by the company to increase the outreach.

Here there are links outside the website of the company and its area of
commerce which directly guide the potential customer to the required website.
This leads to possibility of impulse purchase and adds on to the revenue of the

Features of Flipkart:-

24*7 customer service:Flipkart provides 24 hours and 7 days customer service. Customer may contact
flipkart anytime and can ask for their product details and other things.
Digital cart:Flipkart provides a service for digital cart,In this a person can do multiple
shopping, means if a person goes for shopping and he purchases MP3 palyer
then he decided to purchase Television, then something else, so all this items
will get stored in one cart,and at last all the total payment can be made.

Diversification of products:Flipkart started their business with books and later they decided to diversified
themselves into different categories like cameras ,computers, mobiles, gaming,
music, T.V, home and kitchen appliances Begs, watches and etc. This strategy
of diversification of products helps them in growing their business.
Safe and secure shopping:As shopping is done online, so some amount of payment to be made online only
either through debit card or credit card . People never feel secure while making
payment online ,but flipkart ensures that making payment online on their
website is completely safe and secure. Shopping at flipcart.com is 100% safe
.Credit card payment are processed through the HDFC Bank payment gateway,

as well as payment gateways (EBS/ccAvenue) that interface with various banks.

HDFC Bank uses the latest encryption technology to protect credit card
information. It encrypts customers credit card number so that it cannot be read
as the information travels over the Internet.

Customer can also share the product info with his friends by on clicking
social networking sites i.e. facebook.com or twitter.com
Tracking of Home delivery:Main feature of flipkart is providing home delivery. Once the order is placed
customer gets an ID and by that ID customer can able to know the current status
of his/her product.

E-gift voucher:Flipkart provides e-gift vouchers also to the customers. Sometimes with the
purchase of products they also gives some e-gift vouchers.
Discount in products:The main feature that flipkart provides is that they provide discount almost in
every goods.

30 days replacement guarantees:The product purchased can be replaced within 30 days.

Cash on delivery:One big reason for flipkart success is the concept of cash on delivery. Almost
60% of its sales happen through this sale. cash on delivery created trust in the
minds of Indian customers who were always very weary of making payments

The company is expanding its courier service network to deliver products
quickly, and to extend the COD option to most of the Indian parts as well.
Recently the company started Flipkart Self delivery to offer faster shipping
times. With the new delivery system cus-tomers can now track their orders in
real time in Flipkart's website itself.


Amazon India and Snapdeal targeted Flipkart's October 6 sale with campaigns
of their own. Snapdeal on Monday launched a campaign with the tagline "For
others it's a big day. For us, today is no different." Amazon has also launched a
sale from October 4-6, labelling it the "Mission to Mars" weekend, and
followed up by announcing another seven-day Diwali Dhamaka sale beginning
October 10.
Flipkart was offering discounts on a wide range of items that included up to 30
per cent off on smartphones, perfumes at half the market price and laptops
starting Rs.15,000.







There are many methods or ways by which flipkart have reached to customer
and made a difference. some of them are explained below:In its social media initiatives, Flipkart.com aims at facilitating an easier
conversation channel for customers and users. Conversations are to the point
and are targeted at specific issues, thoughts and ideas.As told before
Flipkart.com began activities to make its presence felt on Facebook and Twitter
about a year ago. The company has also used LinkedIn to connect with people.
The popularity of the site has grown through recommendations. people
recommending the site to their family, friends and co-workers . The people who
manage their channels infuse Flipkart's culture and personality in what they do
or say in tandem with their own personality.

Transparency and Honesty is the key.

A) Original products with original warranty:Flipkart provides original products.The product that is been displaced on
website the same product with same feature will be deliverd to the
customer.Warranty on every product will be given.If product finds out to be
defected then it will surely be replaced.
B) Hidden charges:There are absolutely no hidden charges when you make a purchase with
Flipkart. Flipkart offer free delivery if the order is Rs. 200 or over, otherwise
customer will be charged an additional Rs. 30 for delivery. The prices listed for
all items are final and all-inclusive. The prices consumer sees on flipkart
product pages are exactly same what he needs to pay.
C) low cost:Flipkart provides every product at a low price compare to market.So most of the
people wants to purchase from flipkart only as they are getting good quality
product at a lower price.
D)Advertisements:Flipkarts now a days also showing very attractive Ads,people are liking those
Ads specially children as in there Ads children are only promoting their brand

Policies of Flipkart.com Cancellations & Returns:

1. Flipkarts return policy.
2. Flipkarts return policy for clothing and footwear.
3. Return a defective or damaged product for a new replacement.
4. Exchange a clothing or footwear product If customer is not satisfied.
5. Modes of refund available after cancellation Policy.

1. Collection of Personally Identifiable Information and other Information.
2. Use of Demographic / Profile Data / Your Information.
3. Sharing of personal information.
4. Links to Other Sites.
5. Security Precautions.
6. Choice/Opt-Out.
7. Advertisements on Flipkart.com.
8. Grievance Officer.

Success and Future

The start-up that transformed the face of Indian E-Commerce . Flipkart.com

grew manifold to become the brand that all know and love. Positioning of the
company that it is reliable has quite hit the target. Flipkart's success can be
primarily attributed to the fact that at the end of the day, they have a great
variety of products, fantastic discounts, various payment options, and an ontime delivery system. That's essentially what any consumer would want, and
Flipkart understands that. They were successful in removing the skepticism
about online shopping from the mind of the Indian consumer, a feat that many
bigger players at the time could not accomplish. Much like any start up, they
faced several challenges initially. 2 of which are of significant importance, are
the cost price of books they sold, and the on-time delivery.

The 'on time delivery', another seemingly novel idea was something that
Flipkart seemed to pioneer in. They used courier services in the beginning,
which was the norm in most online shops, but these were not always proven
effective, even after premium rates were paid. In adaption to this need, Flipkart
has now developed their own delivery system where their own people deliver
books right to your doorstep, sometimes within 12 hours of placing the order.

They even have a Live Inventory System that displays items that are in stock,
and approximately how many days it would take to get delivered. In addition to
the great service they provide, Flipkart has some very memorable adverts, and a
strong social media presence. This has helped create a friendly, fun and
customer-centric brand image. Nowadays Flipkart report to ship approximately
30000 items per day . The number will keep increasing with more and more
people talking about the company.

CONCLUSION :Flipkart,the first billion dollar Internet company from India (by 2015 estimates)
is by far the leading on line store in the nation.As by its strategies and way of
doing business it can be concluded that in coming years flipkart may become
ASIAs number 1 online selling company. its method of creating web presence
is too good and customer attraction strategies are also unforgettable. Customers
gets the best quality product at lower price. Flipkart succeeded in India because
it provided books & accessories at comparatively lower price then offline
retailers. Another point was that India's courier system is very primitive and one
need a very good logistic system to provide better service to the customer
.Flipkart learned it quick and managed well.

Flipkart has successfully placed itself into the prospects mind making it the
Indias largest online store with huge range of products. But Flipkart still needs
to work on their core competence that is books and stationery items. With the
entry of Amazon.com it will be a huge competitive market for Flipkart and
hence will have to position itself better, as we still see that huge percentage of
females are still unaware of Flipkart. Those female who purchase, has a very
less frequency which has remained unchanged. Therefore they need to get
aggressive at providing better services which can be fulfilled by reducing the
delivery time, selling second hand products which will increase consumers
affordability much more and enhance penetration into the market. They can
even have their retail stores which can give an access to consumers to feel and
analyze the products, which will help them win the consumers faith. Price will
still be a factor as amazon being a huge company will use its economies of scale

to remove their competitors from the market; therefore they need to be more
competitive on that aspect. Be very focused on consumers and build amazing
experiences for the customers.