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Ashley Korff

104 Merritt Drive * Poquoson, VA 23662

Home: (757) 868-4933 * Cell: (757) 848-6364 * ashley.korff.13@cnu.edu
Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA Anticipated Graduation: May 2017
Bachelor of Science in Biology, Minor in Leadership Fall Semester 2013 GPA: 3.8 (Deans List)
Spring Semester 2014 GPA: 3.9 (Deans List) Cumulative GPA: 3.85
Awarded Canon Scholarship in Presidents Leadership Program (PLP)
Relevant Coursework (already completed): Biology 211-211 Lab, Chemistry 121-121 Lab, Precalculus
130, Leadership Through the Ages 230, Elementary Statistics 125, Self/Group/Leadership 210
Relevant Coursework (currently enrolled for Fall 2014 semester): Biology 212-212 Lab, Chemistry
122-122 Lab, Leadership 310
Relevant Coursework (plan to complete for Spring 2014 semester): Biology 213-213 Lab, Chemistry
321, Leadership 384, Leadership 386
Relevant Coursework (plan to complete for May and Summer 2015 semesters): Biology 395 Nutrition
and Energy, Physics 151-151 Lab
Poquoson High School, Poquoson, VA
Graduation: June 2013
Advanced High School Diploma with High Honors
Final GPA: 4.1
Relevant Coursework: Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology, AP Biology and Biology Lab, AP United
States Government, AP United States History, AP English Language & Composition, AP English
Literature, AP European History
Highlights: National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Key Club, Varsity Spring Track and Field,
All A and A/B Honor Rolls, DECA
Writing and Book Publication Experience
Writing- (December 2011-February 2012)
-Wrote first manuscript of my first book, The Real Perfect 10, to help combat childhood/adolescent obesity
by sharing my own personal experience with others.
Publication- (February-June 2012)
- Contacted and worked with publication teams at Author House Publishers
-Reworked first draft, and edited various parts to book per publisher recommend
-Designed cover of the book and worked with design team
-Published first hard copy in June 2012 (now available as print-by-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and
Author House websites)

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Employment/Research Experience
Past Employer (September 2013-April 2014) and Current Employer (August 2014-present): Wason Center for
Public Policy Research (Government Dept. at Christopher Newport University)
Survey Interviewer:
-Initiates phone calls to households in order to collect public opinion on varying issues and topics in the local
area, state, or nation
-Records phone call data on computer software system for mass data and results collection.

Employment/Research Experience (contd.)

Past Employer (May 2014-August 2014; will continue work during scheduled class breaks): The Virginia
Living Museum (museum full of native Virginia wildlife in Newport News, VA)
Guest Services Associate:
-Successfully handles annual membership and daily pass purchases and for individual and group check-ins on
computer software system
- Responsible for opening/closing the museum and for representing the museum to the daily public on a regular
-Assists patrons of the museum in person and by phone
-Responsible for updated knowledge on museum events and for making patrons aware of new/upcoming events
and informational changes/updates to the museum
-Responsible for the safety and security of the museums wildlife, patrons, and staff
Mentorship Experience
Veterinarian Mentee (non-paid) (June-August 2008 & June-August 2009)
-Observed various veterinarian procedures directly next to veterinarian (Dr. Bonnie Brown of Jolly Pond
Veterinary Hospital in Williamsburg, VA)
-Interacted with animals post-operation to reduce their stress
-Interacted with all patients in clinic rooms and surgery rooms
-Learned veterinarian skills and procedures as well as business management

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Leadership and Community Involvement

Virginia Living Museum Volunteer-Touch Tank (December 2013-present)
-Handles shore marine crustaceans and explains the animals to museum visitors
-Interacts with museum visitors and Touch Tank animals one-on-one
Virginia Living Museum Volunteer-Animal Care (June 2014-present)
-Responsible for cleaning/disinfecting/setting up animal cages (education/program animals)
-Prepares food for many outdoor and indoor animals (such as coyote, bobcat, eagles, woodchuck, possums,
skunks, wolves, foxes) and feeds various indoor animals
-Responsible for the handling of owls, kestrels, rabbits, ferret
-Records animal cleanings/diets in record book
-Cleans/disinfects animal dishes/work area and cleans/keeps track of mouse colonies
Peninsula SPCA Volunteer (December 2013-April 2014)
-Responsible for handling cats to potential adopters
-Feeds cats and cleans cages as needed
-Interacts with potential adopters and adoptable cats one-on-one; has handled over a dozen adoptions

Poquoson High School Key Club- (September 2009-June 2013)

Fundraising Leader (March-May 2013)
Planned and implemented own fundraiser for the Virginia Living Museum, raising $175 to help cover lack of
funds after flooding incidents and prevent a potential closure
-Kept track of all funds and sold food in fundraiser
-Utilized social media to spread the word about the fundraiser
-Provided food to be sold during fundraiser
-Hand delivered the final check to the funds coordinator of the museum
Committee Chairs (March-May 2013)
-Took charge of the March of Dimes and Relay for Life fundraisers
-Encouraged members to sign up, raised money and awareness
-Participated in the events two years in a row

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Leadership and Community Involvement (continued)

Poquoson Public Library (June 2009-February 2013)
-Catalogued, checked in, shelved, organized, discarded, and searched for library materials
-Beautified library shelves and materials

-Interacted with library patrons in finding library materials

-Facilitated the librarys summer reading program and other seasonal activities
-Navigated the stocking and organization of new shipments
-Orchestrated secretarial tasks (including phone calls and processing discarded materials)

Marketing Experience
Marketing my book- (June 2012-present)
-Held a book signing at Poquoson Public Library (August 2012)
-Featured as a guest speaker at Poquoson Middle School and spoke to the physical education classes about my
story and motivation, and videotaped for future classes (December 2012)
-Interviewed and featured in The Daily Press newspaper (August 2012)
-Implementing various social media sites and blogging to market my book
Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) (September 2011-June 2012)
-Completed and excelled in high school level sports marketing class
-Competed in District meet and won second and third places in each respective event, earning second place
overall in sports marketing category
Assistant Teacher Experience
Teachers Aide (September 2012-June 2013)
-Graded all student papers, assessments, and projects for both AP United States History and regular U.S.
History classes (five total)
-Coordinated electronically student attendance/missing grades/handling student grades in high schools
computer system
-Managed secretarial tasks for teacher during class
-Expressed historical input during the lessons
-Advised, with the teacher, the students readiness for the next school years social studies class
-Contributed to PowerPoints for the classes and various activities throughout the year
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