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13 augustus 2013

JazakAllah or JazakAllah Khair? Understanding Grammar Behind The word JazakAllah

Jazaak comes from the root word jazaa' ( )which according to the popular Arabic-English
dictionary, Al-Mawrid, has two meanings that are completely opposite to eachother!
Thus jazaa' ( )can either mean reward OR punishment.
So :"JazakAllah" can may either mean "may Allah reward you" or "may Allah punish you", while
"JazakAllah Khair" means ... "may Allah reward you with the Best / Good",
So the correct way is to say Jazakallah khair & not just JazakAllah. Though someone might say
that the intention by saying JazakAllah is the same like JazakAllahu khayran, if it's so, then why
not use the complete wordings as used by Prophet(salallahu alaihi wa sallam) and the Sahabas
(radiAllahu Anhum), which is "JazakAllahu khayran" !
Jazak Allahu Khair depending on situation:
Masculine: Jazak Allahu Khair/Khairan
Feminine: Jazaki Allahu Khair/Khairan
Plural: Jazakum Allahu Khair/Khairan
You may also use "JazakAllahu khairan katheeran" which means May Allah reward you with good
in abundance" as "Katheeran" means "abundance/abundantly".
Instead of Jazakallahu khair you may also use:
Feminine: Barakallahu Feeki
Masculine: Barakallahu Feek
Plural: Barakallahu Feekum
Which means "May Allah bless you", which is an appropriate way of thanking someone and
replying to someone who's said JazakAllahu Khair to you.
It can be used both as a thanking and a reply.
As a reply you may also say:
(Below are the replies to someone who has thanked you with JazakAllahu Khair or Barakallahu
Feminine- Wa Iyyaki
Masculine- Wa Iyyak
Plural- Wa Iyyakum
They all mean, "same to you".
*They are the most appropriate replies.
Another reply could be
Feminine- Wa Anti Aydan
Masculine- Wa Anta Aydan
Plural- Wa Antum Aydan
They all mean, "you too". (Not very preferable, but it's okay to use this as a reply too).
And another reply could be:
Feminine: Jazana wa Iyaaki
Masculine: Jazana Wa Iyyak
Plural: Jazana Wa Iyyakum
Translation to it is: may Allah reward you and me too (with the same*).
*"Same" here means
Khair which is good from Jazakallahu Khair or
Barakah which means blessing from Barakallahu Feek.

If someone has said "Thank-You" or "Shukran" and not used "Jazakallahu Khair" or "Barakallahu
Feek" to thank you, then reply them with "Barakallahu feek" or "Jazakallahu Khair", as replies like
"wa iyyak" or "wa anta aydan" means "you too" and you can't use that as a reply as it's
Share this message and gain ajr and make many use these beautiful phrases.
Jazakallahu Khair !!!