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Team 5
Mr. Miller
UNI 110
12 November 2013
Should College Athletes be Paid?
The NCAA has punished college football players over the years. They are not
allowed to make any money while playing College football according to NCAA Bylaw Many people believe it is not right for them to be punished for selling their own
memorabilia. Pro athletes are allowed to do so, but if the NCAA finds out you are trying
to make extra money, players will be punished. It is unfair and hypocritical for the
NCAA to take their profits and punish them if the NCAA finds out if they are making
money off themselves. Collegiate sports have been around for years, providing traditions,
memories, entertainment, and many more things that make it one of the top rated and
watched sports shows in the world. We definitely feel they should get paid, because of
the risk of injury, the demand of sport leaves no time for jobs, and college athletes are
major producers of the revenue at schools.
On the other hand, some might say that no, college sports such as
basketball and football should not be paid, because some feel it would turn collegiate
sports into the problem we have with professional sports. According to Washington post,
they said, it would not be fair to play specific sports such as football and basketball,
when sports such as cheer and dance commit as athletes the same for the good of the
school. (Washington Post, pg. d3) Although those reasons might be accurate, in that

situation the sport is still going to produce large amounts of revenue so if anything it
would make a player want to produce more if they know they will be paid for it. The
NCAA Bylaw makes sure that student athletes shall not receive any kind of
endorsement deals while being a student athlete. No student athlete can make money off
of his or her memorabilia while the University is making a lot of money off that college
athlete. Recently, Johnny Manziel was suspended allegedly for a half game because he
allegedly signed autographs for a small income for himself. We see nothing wrong if
student athletes sign autographs and make a profit off that. Apparently, the NCAA has a
problem with it, which is absurd. Ironic that the NCAA refuses to allow players to profit
from their image and likeness, but was caught doing just that (McGovern, par. 5). The
NCAA Bylaw should no longer exist. If the NCAA is earning all of the student
athletes hard work and the athlete receives nothing, then it is hypocritical for them to
take their money and punish them for doing the same thing the NCAA is doing.
With that being said, I most certainly fell college athletes should be getting paid,
the risk of injury is commonly looked at when discussing college athletes being paid. In a
cable news network article, a reporter spoke with John Burman a CNN anchor. He said
football and basketball are industries that make millions of dollars both at pro, and
collegiate level. While professional players can count on fat paychecks to soothe the pain
of tired muscles, season ending injuries, and soul crushing defeats, college athletes cant
make a dime of their blood sweet and tears. (CQ Roll Call)
The demand of basketball and football athletes causes these athletes to commit
most of their time. That causes time spent away from friends, family, and just being able
to do things other might be able to do. Personally understanding how much college
athletes are becoming broke now days, even if on a full ride scholarship college athletes

especially dont have that time other might have to get extra money by getting a job
because of the high demand of sports. Also, the along with the time thats put in
throughout summers, workouts, athletes are also death with having to juggle sports along
with academics which keeps there time more than taken up.
College athletes should have the same chance like a typical person who works
hard every day and gets paid, they go through many things that support my reasoning
such as the risk of injury, the demand for sports that leaves no time for jobs, and the fact
there the major producers of revenue at their schools. Identifying these as serious factors
is the first step, and hopefully that will lead into discussing wages, and coming up with an
overall solution.

Team 5
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