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English 9A

Room 216

Ms. Kathryn Dodge

Office Hours 2:40-3 p.m. Mon,Weds,Thurs. room 406
Before school or after 3 p.m. by appointment only

Welcome! My name is Ms. Dodge and I will be your English 9 teacher this term.

Class Website: dodgeclassroom.weebly.com (Remember this its important)

Course Overview This course will expose you to a variety of themes presented through poetry, prose,
essay, drama and film. The objective is for students to able to identify and analyze prominent themes and
issues contained within various types of literature. Each student will also make connections between the
history of these themes and issues and how they affect their personal lives. This course is writing intensive,
with students expected to complete essays as well as literary analysis and impromptu writing. Students are
expected to acquire and polish skills in both the mechanics and aesthetics of writing.
English 9 focus questions...
How do I build relationships?
What impact do my relationships have on others?
What is my responsibility to society?
Curriculum Overview

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Additional fiction

Various short stories



Writers Notebook


Personal Electronic Device Policy

According to NFHS P.E.D. policy
guidelines, this means that cell
phones are regulated by the
classroom teacher, and students must receive permission from the
classroom teacher before electronic devices are used. Students
will be informed of appropriate times to use their electronic devices
during class time, and will be notified when the level of acceptable
usage has changed. In the event of a teacher absence, the default
setting will be RED unless otherwise stated in the teachers notes.


Consequences for failure to abide by policy written above:

1st offense = teacher warning
2nd offense = teacher will take the students device for the rest of class
3rd offense = the device will be confiscated, turned in to the main office,
and a detention will be assigned
(FYI: confiscated devices need to be picked up in the main office by a parent)

What should I bring to class?

Textbook, selected readings/handouts, English 9 folder, notebook/paper, and MULTIPLE pens/pencils.
I will not supply you with pens or pencils if you fail to bring them to class. If you do not bring the current text
we are reading to class, you will be unable to participate in the days lesson.
*Please refrain from bringing the following: Food or drink (other than water), work from other classes, a bad attitude,
and an obsession with texting, tweeting, Instragramming, Vining, Snapchatting, Facebook stalking, etc.*

How do I succeed in this class?

The grades in this class will be determined based upon a point system. In other words, the more points you
have, the higher your grade. You can earn points by successfully completing the following:

Essays (both in and outside of school)

Quizzes and tests

Individual and group projects

You will find success by participating in practice assignments to prepare for graded work, including:

Impromptu writing assignments (both in and outside of school)

Handouts and other homework assignments

Daily Bellwork

Grading Scale:

99 93 %
92 90 %


To calculate your grade at any time, simply add the points you have earned on all of
your assignments and divide that number by the total number of points possible.

89 88 % B+
87 83 % B
83 80 % B-

79 77 % C+
76 72 % C
71 70 % C-

69 67 % D+
66 62 % D
61 60 % DBelow 59% F

What if I am sick or have an excused absence?

If you miss class, you are expected to check the classroom website (dodgeclassroom.weebly.com) before
returning to class to find out what you missed. If you go the website and look under the English 9A - Abent?
tab, you will find digital versions of any notes or assignments I can provide for you. These are available for
you to download and use. Once informed of any work you missed, you may request any other assignments or
materials from me. You must complete the assignment in the time I allotted for the rest of the class, beginning
on the day you return. If you know that you will be missing class ahead of time for any reason, please see me
to receive your assignments prior to your absence. If something was assigned prior to your absence and you
miss the day it was due, the assignment should be turned in immediately upon your return.
What do I do if I miss a quiz or a test?
If you are absent for a quiz or test, it must be made up on the day you return in order to be fair to your peers.
If you do not want to miss more instruction time, you will have the option to come in before school, during
lunch, or after school on the day you return. Please plan ahead.
What about revisions on essays, tests and projects?
You may make test, essay, or project corrections if you have met the following criteria

All practice for the unit was completed on time.

All quizzes for the unit were taken.

All quiz corrections have been completed (after school) if necessary.

Essays and Projects Only: The essay or project was turned in on its original due-date.
What is plagiarism and what are the consequences?
Plagiarism is the representation of another persons words or ideas as ones own in any academic work. To
avoid plagiarism, every direct quotation must be identified by quotation marks and must be cited properly,
according to the accepted format. A piece of writing containing ANY plagiarism whatsoever will not be
graded (therefore will receive a zero) and a grade will not be given until a revised, completely original work is
turned in. You are encouraged to discuss any questions about what constitutes plagiarism with me or another
English department faculty member. Expect a more in-depth discussion of plagiarism and the repercussions in
the near future.

Room 216 Class Rules

1. Be in your seat and working on Daily Bellwork at the bell; otherwise, you will be marked tardy.
2. Keep your actions/language appropriate. You are responsible for anything you miss if you are removed
from the room because of your behavior. Parents/administrators will be involved when necessary.
3. Come prepared to class every day. I do not bring materials or writing utensils for you.
4. Be respectful at all times. Respect your classmates, your teacher, the classroom and yourself.
*These rules should not be difficult to follow, but if there are consistent issues with behavior or respect within
our class, an alternative classroom management system will be incorporated.*


Room 216

Ms. Kathryn Dodge


Website: dodgeclassroom.weebly.com
(Parents: make note of this website for reference)

IMPORTANT: This course deals with some serious issues facing society today. As a result, some of
the materials used address mature themes and occasionally contain course language, depictions of
sexuality and/or violence. In addition, the course may occasionally use segments of films rated PG, PG13, and R to enhance or compliment the lessons.
I have read the class syllabus. I understand and agree to the rules & policies outlined.
Student Name (Print): ___________________________________ Date:_____________
Student Signature: ___________________________________ Date:_____________

Guardian Signature: ___________________________________ Date:______________

Please sign and return this paper to Ms. Dodge no later than _____________________

Student or Guardian questions, concerns, comments, etc.: