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A discourse community is sub group of people with variation that have common goals, a

similar way of communication, and share the same required skills. There are many discourse
communities and most people are a part of more than just one. For instance, we being, Ahlora
and Rehema, would fall under the soccer discourse community. According to Swells article on
discourse community there are six characteristics that each community maintains.
In any discourse community, communication is a key factor. In the game of soccer
certain terms are used on the field, off the field, and during practice. Common vocabulary words
used on the field are: Man-on (which means a player on the opposite team is approaching),
through ball( passing the ball between two opposing players to your teammate), get-wide (when

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one player on the same team needs to spread out to open up a pass). These three terms are a
select few of the many ways people communicate on the field. The language from the game
continues off the field, but there is a slight difference in tone and dialect. For instance on the
field people shout out in an intense voice because they are communicating in the heat of the
game, whereas after the game you are able to review and give feedback in a more calm way. The
level of focus at practice can be intense, but has a more relaxed tone. The main communicator at
practice would be the coaches.
Coaches are the main source of feedback and are not just the authority figure of the team.
They help the team grow physically and mentally, by being present at every match and practice.
A coach gives feedback on a players attitude, how they perform individually, and how the team
interacts with each other. Teammates are another good source of evaluation on oneself. They are
able to help you emotionally and physically, by bonding and working on skills you may need to
improve on.

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In order for a player to progress, practice is a huge commitment that goes along with it. In
practice coaches will have players work on their skills by running drills, and going over plays.
Coaches push players to gain endurance and stamina by building up their cardio and muscles.

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Another focus that coaches emphasize at practice is teamwork and relationships built among the
players. Practice is mandatory to helping the team set and achieve goals.

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In the game of soccer there are several teams with many implied goals; such as the goal
to win. On the other hand, individually, each team has a set of their own goals they wish to

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achieve. There are short term and long term objectives. Short term ambitions usually last on a

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day-to-day basis. They consist of scoring a certain amount of soccer goals during a game or the
number of touches (the number of times your feet touch the ball) on the ball before it is passed
during practice. Short term goals are great to have but long terms goals gives the team
motivation to strive for the ultimate bond of a team. For the soccer community, goals dont have
to be set in numbers or shown on a scoreboard they can also be involved with developing
In order for the soccer discourse community to prosper, it is good good for players to step

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up and take on the role of leadership. These members can eventually become captains, they can
be senior players on the team who have played an immense amount of soccer, or even just
players who are more skilled and have experience in the soccer community. As a leader its good
to have specific qualities, such as, knowledge of the game, good communication skills, and
Leadership is important for any discourse community, but a team requires every person
involved to guarantee a feeling of satisfactory. This feeling can be gained by achieving personal
and team goals, or just by putting in 100% in both practices and games. Having soccer skills is

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essential to being in this discourse community, but there are other qualities that needed as well to
help players develop. Relationships are very important in this community, because they can
affect how the team works together. It is a necessity for teammates to bond so that they are able
to have good chemistry on and off the field. In conclusion there are six characteristics in a
discourse community, but the way these characteristics are portrayed, is slightly different in each

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