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1. Number of products you keep at a time?

8-10000 brands of medicines (varying compounds)

2. How do you estimate the demand for a medicine? i.e. how do you know how much of what
to keep?
It depends on the area and behavior of the customer. Since the shop is situated near a hospital
then the demand is generally more (from the patients who come to the hospital)
Many times we ask the customers about their demand in the future.
If the customer is affected by a chronic disease then we also keep accordingly.
Also seasonal. For eg : More cases of cough and cold in winters. Rotational demand.
Also, since there is always a certain loss due to the expiry date of medicines, we try to maximize
that loss. We see in what medicines we curtail the maximum loss and keep less of that the next
time. (simple demand forecast, whats not selling must not be kept also)
3. Logistics hierarchy. How many people come between manufacturer and user?
Manufacturer- c&f (carrying and forwarding) agents- distributor- stockist- chemist.

4. Who are the main customers? Hospitals? General public?

Again. Area dependent. Hospital patients plus general public living nearby.
5. How do you maintain your relationship with customers through inventory management?
Maintaining records of customers. Keeping an inventory according to the records. For eg:
Chronic, long term customers tell their demand for the future and so we keep our inventory
Also, sometimes, the customer has a demand for a unique medicine which is not generally
available in the store. So we make it available by asking him to wait and get the medicine from
the stockist in half an hour maximum.
Also, Home deliveries. We maintain a certain level of inventory to facilitate home delivery.

6. Time between order for supplies to the stockist?

We place the order depending on our forecast and the stockist delivers it to us in 60-90 minutes.

7. How do you retain your customers?

Personal touch
Unique medicines