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Joshua Sapu

Miss Otis
UWRT 1135
4 November 2014
Response #4
In past responses, the sources that were referred to had a significant role in the upcoming
inquiry paper. Finding a new source that would be a crucial fit for this paper would be an added
bonus, but at the same time it causes one to adjust how every source is used. As the discussion of
the best restaurants in Charlotte get deeper, the sources expanded and got deeper. There was
more content that could be critiqued and broke down for the readers to get in depth with. After
all, the best inquiry paper is one that inquires! Inquiry means, An act of asking information or
an official investigation. In this paper, to have the best inquiry possible means that one must
have the best investigationin all facets of the topic. From personal experiences and opinions to
sources, everything must be done properly. With all that being said, the next source being used
needed to be on point with the route one was willing to take for this paper.
Food items are very good indicators of cultural differences between classes because the
relative cost of food has generally decreased, thus allowing consumers more scope to choose
personal food consumption models. ( Timo Toivonen in Food and Social Class) that quote takes
this inquiry paper to another level just by the slick fact that it goes deeper than food and brings in
sociology and some might even say psychology. It brings culture into play also. As Charlotte
prepares for its star turn on the world stage in September, 2012, when the Democratic
Convention comes to town, area chefs are sharpening up their games, preparing to display the
city's dining scene as cutting-edge and world-class. (Wright, Charlotte Restaurants: The Year

Ahead) this quote, and also this one from Renee Wright play huge factors in this upcoming
inquiry paper:
Food pundits suggest that diners in 2012 be on the lookout for exotic flavored popsicles;
savory ice cream; gourmet meatballs; Vietnamese banh mi; Korean Bulgogi; lamb ribs; caneles;
design-your-own french fries; pies both sweet and savory; and house-made marshmallows,
pickles and chutneys. If you see any of these trends on Charlotte menus, leave a comment so we
can investigate. (Wright, Charlotte Restaurants: The Year Ahead)
The source that is presented is very crucial and will have a big influence on the flow of
the overall paper, not just a couple of paragraphs. The Charlotte Observer has been real helpful
with some articles, but one article in particular has a great feel to it with information that will
help this paper. Lease costs became more reasonable, too, he says, and there are spaces in
decent locations. Hes in a historic spot in Myers Park, but others have found venues in outlying
areas they feel are newly welcoming to more progressive cooking. Like Groody in Cornelius,
Parsons in Lincolnton, and longtime private-club chef Paul Verica in Waxhaw, where he opened
Heritage Food & Drink last month. Id probably pay double if I was in Charlotte, says Verica,
who brought a rsum honed in Washington and Philadelphia to the city 15 years ago. The
growth in sophistication in the market since then is awesome, he says. I look at everybodys
pictures, since we all post on Facebook, and theres none of us, stylistically, doing the same
thing. ... This time is different. And I know therere more guys out there thinking about taking
the plunge. (Schwab ,Charlotte Restaurants Take a Leap with Burst of Openings.) the quote
retrieved from the newspaper article is a benefactor to this paper which hits all points, while
keeping the subject on Charlotte which makes it relatable.

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