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Group 5
Section C

The MD of Better Life Corporation thinks there
is a big opportunity in the bottled mineral
water business. But his partners have a
contrasting view. Hence, they have hired a
Marketing Research agency to help them
decide if Better Life should enter the market
with branded mineral water

Objectives of Marketing Research:

To estimate the current size and growth
potential of the bottled mineral water market.
To analyse the latent and ready demand for
branded mineral water.
To identify the target market
To identify the need and opportunity for
branded mineral water

Data Sources
Primary Data Sources:Restaurants, public
transport hubs, hospitals, educational
Secondary Data Sources: Annual reports of
competitors(Pepsico, Aquaguard)

Research Approaches
Survey Research:
1. Hotels and restaurants who serve pure bottled
2. Retailers and customers at stations, airports, etc
3. People in areas without access to clean water
Behavioral Research:
1. Aquaguard users
2. Families with young children
3. Consumers who are health-conscious

Collection and Sampling of Data

Collection of data :Via phone surveys, internet surveys,
questionnaires, etc.
Questions to be asked:
a. What is your current method of purifying water? Would
you prefer an easier way?
b. Would you substitute aerated drinks with branded
mineral water
c. How much are you willing to pay for quality water every
d. How often do you buy mineral water?
e. Where would you expect to find bottled water? If bottled
water were made available in restaurants would you buy
bottled water or the normal water they serve?