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Bethany Cooper

Annotated Bibliography
1. The Bible
- (didnt know how to correctly site this)
A. This book most closely explains and reliably interprets the life of Jesus through Him and
those who encountered Him (the disciples). There are stories of His life and His ways
that would make have the most direct correlation with my interpretations and questions
involving the identity of Christ.
B. Clearly, I havent read the entire Bible, but because this text has been around for so
long, unchanging, it has a solid foundation to refer to my identity involving Christ and
who He was as a human on this earth. The trick will come in when to decide what is
literal and what is figurative involving the tales and stories in the Bible. Everyone
interprets this text differently, finding my way to interpret it could become difficult and
overwhelming at times.
C. I see this as a credible source because the entire Christian faith is based on it. Obviously
a whole religion couldnt be based on a book without credibility.
2. The Life of Jesus Christ by James Stalker
- Stalker, James. The Life of Jesus Christ. Chicago: Henry A. Sumner, 1880. Print.
A. This (compared to the Bible) is much more literal and simplified. This story helps the
interpretation of Christs life become much more realistic.
B. Im actually thoroughly impressed with this book. The context really helps understanding
Christ as a person on this Earth because so often we cant fathom who He was.
C. This is definitely credible because the beginning of it references Harvard College Library,
representing the use of the text in a library setting which would only be so if the
information was reliable.
3. Was Jesus God? By Richard Swinburne
- Swinburne, Richard. Was Jesus God? Oxford: Oxford UP, 2008. Print.
A. This book is a sequel but can be read independently. More specifically I believe the
chapter titled The Nature of God will be useful here. This book breaks down the
meanings of religion, and the God of Christianity. Which how can you believe in
something without knowing anything about it?
B. This is helpful because often people refer to Christianity as being closely tied with the
trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). This book can help depict those differences and
similarities to define what we are claiming to worship and what the religion is based on.
C. This is references from Oxford University Press, therefore I definitely see it as credible
and reliable to use towards this project.
4. Sacrifice Unveiled: The True Meaning Of Christian Sacrifice
- Daly, Robert J. Sacrifice Unveiled the True Meaning of Christian Sacrifice. London: T & T
Clark, 2009. Print.
A. This is revealing the meaning of sacrifice and the purposes behind it. Sacrifice becomes a
huge piece of religion as it becomes an entire lifestyle. I find this extremely important
and vital to my work involving identity. Christ Himself was a living sacrifice, this should
be taken into great account.
B. I have yet to ponder sacrifice specifically until I came upon this book. I believe it should
be deeply considered as one claims to take on the Christian life and become a living
sacrifice to their beliefs. How does this compare to the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made?

C. This book is categorized as theological, which I see as having great credibility and
thought brought along with it. Some of it may be biased or opinionated, but that will be
considered as I use it and in what ways I choose to use it as a resource.
5. Think Like Jesus: Make the Right Decision Every Time
- Barna, George. Think like Jesus: Make the Right Decision Every Time. Nashville: Integrity,
2003. Print.
A. This is more closely involved with our times, as it addresses the everyday struggles and
battles of a modern day Christian, how to address your faith, especially to the public,
and how to live out the faith you claim to possess. This is extremely resourceful as we so
often wonder what it takes to get others to understand the faith we possess, and how to
make the right decision.
B. I am very appreciative of this source because I believe it is what we can most easily
relate to in the struggles of upholding the Christian name and label. Being Christ-like is
our duty but sometimes knowing the answer simply isnt enough, we too, need to
understand how to properly put these words into action and become an example
through our life, words, actions, which by far isnt easy.
C. I believe this is extremely credible because it is much more recent than some of my
other resources. Published in 2003, the relevance of this book will be way more
prevalent in our lives than other texts.