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SIOP Lesson Plan Template 2

C.C.1.3.6.F: Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in grade level reading
and content, including interpreation of figurative language in context.
C.C.1.3.6.J: Acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific
words and phrases; gather vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phrase important to
comprehension or expression.
C.C.8.6.6-8.B: Write informative/explantory texts including the narration of historical events,
scientific procedures/ experiments, or technical processes.

THEME: Diary of Anne Frank and the Holocaust

LESSON TOPIC: Introduction to the novel "Diary of a Young Girl"
Student will be able to explain vocabulary related to the Holocaust through an visual
representation provided by the teacher
Student will be able to identify the main events of the Holocaust through an oral
presentaion using proper vocabulary.

Student will be able to use vocabulary accurately the context for the vocabulary terms by
using them in a contextual sentence relating to either Anne Frank, the Holocaust, or World
War II.
Student will be able to read passages from Anne Frank's Diary and display what is
happening in the book by answering questions and summarizing the passages.

LEARNING STRATEGIES: Visual representation of vocabulary words - Word/picture wall and

Word Splash.

KEY VOCABULARY: Holocaust, immigrant, Nazi, Concentration Camp

MATERIALS: Pictures that represent vocabulary words.
(Building background)
Introduce the book to the student by reading the introduction to the story "Diary of a Young Girl"
aloud to the student.
We will show a video to the student to introduce the student to the Hollocaust. The video tells the
story of the woman's experience in a concentration camp. We will ask the student to watch the
video, and to take notes by writing words and phrases that express how the woman felt during
this time.


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SIOP Lesson Plan Template 2

(Language and content objectives, comprehensible input, strategies, interaction, feedback)
-Create a word wall with both pictures and definitions of key vocabulary used in the "Diary of a
Young Girl." We will create the word wall by showing the pictures to the student and then placing
them on the wall for the student to continue to refer back to throughout the lesson and the entire
story. We will present the pictures indiviudally to the student. When the student looks at each
picture, we will ask the student to describe the pictures and what they understand to be
happening in the picture. We will then provide the student with the definiton of the word and
move on to the next picture.
Directions: I will show you a picture. You will then describe the picture to me, and then we will go
over the word and definition that goes along with each picture.


(Meaningful activities, interaction, strategies, practice and application, feedback)
Word Splash- Create a word splash of the four new vocabulary words. To create a word splash, we
will present the four vocabulary words on the Smart Board. We will then ask the student to try to
make a sentence that uses at least two of the vocabulary words. We will tell the student to use
the defintions of the words as a guide to write at least two sentences using the new vocabulary


(Review objectives and vocabulary, assess learning)
-On an index card, students will write one of the vocabulary words and a symbol to accompany
that word on one side of the card. We will tell the student to think of and draw a symbol or a
picture that will remind the student of the definition of the word. We will then ask the student to
explain why they choose the symbol and how it connects to the vocabulary word outloud when
the student has completed her four pictures.

-The student will be writing a journal entry for homework. We will read an example of one of the
journal entries from the "Diary of a Young Girl" that includes the new vocabulary word,
"concentration camp." After reading the journal, the student will write a journal entry as if they
were living in World War II Germany.Use at least 3 of new vocabulary words in your journal. The
student will share her journal entry.
(Reproduction of this material is restricted to use with Echevarria, Vogt, and Short, 2008. Making Content
Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model.)


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