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Progress Report Memorandum

Date: 10/27/14
To: Professor Cohen
From: Mariel Melchor
Subject: Progress Report
Within this report, I will be discussing my project and the progress I have made with
my inquiry into the discipline of Kinesiology.
The discipline of focus in my project is Kinesiology, concentrated mainly on Physical
Therapy. My objectives are to learn about what it is that I need to find success in the
field of kinesiology, and whether or not I will fit into the careers found within this
major. This brings me to my primary research question: Do I truly belong in the
discourse community of Kinesiology, and if I do, what will it take to form a part of
the success found within this culture? Where would be the most effective area in
which to apply for an internship and when should I start applying? What are the
requirements for the UTEP DPT Program and what are the chances that Ill be
accepted into it? How many job opportunities exist within El Paso versus other
cities and countries? Will the value of my degree remain as such five or ten years
from now or will it decrease or increase in value? Do I need to meet any other
requisites before even applying to a DPT Program?
Research Methods
My research methods consisted of research performed through interviews, surveys,
site observations, and document analyses.
As for my interviews, I have revised them, made the necessary changes, and have
determined what they will be, based on the corrections made by my peers. I
currently plan to interview two Kinesiology major students before or by Saturday of
this week. As for professors, I am still waiting for their responses through e-mail to
see when they are available for an interview. I also hope they reply by the end of this
week. I would also like to interview at least one graduate student, but I have not yet
been able to come into contact with one (they are extremely busy).
I believe that I will be able to complete my interviews before this project is due. I
also feel that I will find the answers to my questions, and answer my questions of
inquiry in regards to my discipline.
My survey questions have been revised by two of my peers, and based on their
feedback; I made the necessary changes to my questions, in order to address my
secondary research questions thoroughly. I plan to utilize 10 questions, and I want
to use surveymonkey.com to organize them. I plan to conduct this survey in the

College of Health Sciences, hopefully some time this week or next week, or at least
before the assignment is due. I plan to survey about 10 to 15 participants at around
I feel comfortable conducting my survey because I believe that my questions are not
biased and they give short and concise answers, meaning they are not too timeconsuming.
Site Observations:
I visited the College of Health Sciences, one of its Kinesiology classrooms, and the
Las Palmas LifeCare Center. I sketched an outline of my observations there, and they
provided me with very good answers as to what to expect when working as a
student and the work environment as an actual Physical Therapist and the skills
necessary to succeed. I visited the three sites on October 16th, at around 11:00 am to
12:30 pm.
This method was very effective because it gave me solid answers as to what to
expect in the different environments that surround my discipline. I also learned
about the culture and its discourse of the community of Kinesiology and Physical
Document Analyses:
As for my document analyses, I analyzed Kinesiology degree plans, a syllabus of a
Kinesiology course required as part of my degree plan, and pamphlets/brochures
provided in the UTEP College of Health Sciences; I also visited the websites
provided. All of these documents, in their own ways, are intended to persuade
students to engage in the community of Kinesiology and offer help to maintain
students within the discipline of Kinesiology.
I felt very comfortable with this research method because I saw that it answered a
good portion of my secondary questions, and it was not a difficult method to
completeit was overall very effective.
I feel that I will be able to complete this assignment on or before the given
deadline, if all of my interviewees reply to me on time, and if I am also able to
contact at least one professorthis is the only area that concerns me. As for the
rest of the project, I have been able to complete the given tasks before the
deadlines, so I consider myself to be on the right track.