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NAME: Erin Fleming


TITLE OF SPEECH: Advocates of Smoking Marijuana


Attention Catcher: Picture yourself walking down the streets of New York City. You
pass by a guy with long hair, a tie-dye shirt, and old fashion ray bands. Naturally, several
judgments come stirring through your mind, such as a carefree hippie or stoner.


Speaker Credibility: I have been conducting research for well over a month now. I have
been collecting information on a personal level (interviews) as well as gathering it from
credible and reliable sources via databases pertaining to my topic, advocates of smoking


Thesis Statement: Today, I will be discussing the different ways advocates of this group
are portrayed in the media, specifically their attire, non-verbal and verbal
communications, and their stereotypical beliefs.

Transition: I chose the clip from That 70s Show because it shows how the media portrays
people who smoke marijuana


First Main Point: Attire

Listener Relevance Link (connection to thesis): One of the prominent stereotypes of this
group is the way they dress. This certain type of style leads people to believe they belong to this
A. Subpoint: Clothes
1. Sub-Subpoint: Laid back, worn in loose clothing with a lot of layers.
B. Subpoint: Hygiene
1. Sub-Subpoint: Typically this group is known to be rough around the edges, scruffy
and even kind of dirty.
2. Sub-Subpoint: Furthermore, according to the Washington post, Tina brown
believes weed contributes to us being a fatter, dumber, sleepier nation even less able to
compete with the Chinese."

Transition: This negative body image correlated with this group goes hand in hand with the way
these people interact verbally and non-verbally.


Second Main Point (Topic Sentence): Non-verbal and verbal communications

Listener Relevance Link (connection to thesis): In the world today non-verbal and verbal
communication is an essential factor throughout life.
A. Subpoint: Verbal
1. Sub-Subpoint: As shown in the video, they are portrayed to talk slow and
monotone, lacking motivation. This type of verbal communication separates this group from
intelligent, successful people to slow, unintelligent people
2. Sub-Subpoint: Nov-verbal
B. Subpoint: Verbals are very slow pace, non-verbals naturally follow the same speed
1. Sub-Subpoint: This groups non-verbals can be commonly grouped as very relaxed

Transition: Now that we have discussed the stereotypical physical appearance and interaction
this group maintains, people begin to stereotype this group beliefs.


Third Main Point (Topic Sentence): Stereotypical beliefs

Listener Relevance Link (connection to thesis): Advocates of marijuana are generalized

to believe in earth friendly, organic, and vegan products.
A. Subpoint: However, this is a false perception laid upon this group
1. Sub-Subpoint: Through the interviews I conducted I found that the majority of this
group are advocates of smoking weed because of its scientifically proven health benefits, and its
ability to boost the economy.
These specific reasons are hidden behind the stereotypical values brought onto this group.
Restatement of Thesis: In conclusion this group is generalized throughout society to have
a laid back style that ties into slow communication skills making people believe they only use
organic and earth friendly products.
Summary of Main Points: Its important to notice these physical and mental beliefs are
the way society portrays this group. That does not mean it is necessarily true for every advocate
of smoking marijuana. A large component of this miscommunication amongst our society is due
to the media.

Clincher: Furthermore, the media plays a big role in stressing and exaggerating
misconceptions of several groups to the outside world.
References (Works Cited)
(M. Kleeman, personal communication, October 7th, 2014).
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List the slides you plan on using in your speech.

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Main point with picture behind
Picture of non-verbal communication