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Lander University Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template

Teacher Candidate: Emily Craft

Subject/Grade: 2nd Grade Bullying Lesson

Rev. 2013

Lesson # 5
Date and Time of Lesson: 11/14/14 at 10:00 A.M

Learning Objective:
After reading the text, Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon, the students will be able to identify and define bullying with 100%

Alignment with Standards:

o M-2.5.1 Describe how to choose friends with good character traits.
o EEDA Standard(s): Use information gained from the illustrations and words in a print or digital text to
demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot.
o ELA: 2-1.1 Analyze the details that support the expression of the main idea in a
given literary text.
o Recognize bullying behaviors and demonstrate steps to take if someone is being bullied
Developmental Appropriateness or Cross-curricular connections:
Bullying, Kindness, and Positivity.
Before teaching, students will know what a bully is and what it means to tease and to hurt someones feelings.
Cognitive: None
Social: Students will learn to be kind to their fellow classmates
Emotional: Students will learn that hurting another classmate/or friends feeling is unnecessary and unkind.
Physical: Students will learn that hurting someone physically is never the answer.
Assessment(s) of the Objectives:
Lesson Objective(s)

Objective 1
After reading the text, Stand
Tall, Molly Lou Melon, the
students will be able to
identify and define bullying
with 100% accuracy.


Assessment(s) of the

Use of Formative

Assessment for Objective 1

Pre- Students will be asked how
they define bullying prior to
reading the story, Stand Tall,
Molly Lou Melon.
During Ask questions during
the read aloud based on the
pictures in the text. Who is the
bully? How does Molly Lou
Melon respond? I plan to record
who respond accurately.
After Each student will write a
response in their writing work
journals on bullying.

This assessment data will

be used to hold students
to a higher standard when
reading and
understanding the
meaning behind a given
If students are successful:
Students will have a better
understand of bullying.
Students will think twice
before they are unkind to
their classmates or friend.
If students struggled:
reiterate the meaning of
bullying and how to
prevent situations
regarding bullying

Lander University Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template

Rev. 2013

Students who complete their daily work journal early stating, how they would stand up to a bully, they will be asked to
illustrate a picture quietly that goes along with their writing response. If both are completed, students will be asked to
read their library books silently.
For students who are slower at completing the assignment, they will be able to finish the assignment at another time of
the day (after other assignments have been completed in place of their library books).
Those students with special accommodations will receive extra help from me when needed along with personal attention
throughout the assignment.

Materials: Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon, writing work journals, pencils, and crayons.
Grouping: Whole class
Probing Question: What does it mean to be a bully?
Motivation: What are some ways we can prevent bullying in the classroom?
1. Have students move to the rug by numbers (1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-22)
2. Introduce the book: title, author, and illustrator
3. Ask: What lesson do you think we might learn from reading this book?
4. Read the book stopping to ask questions that have been placed on sticky notes throughout. Have the students
turn and talk. Who is the bully in the story and who is the victim? How does Molly Lou Melon react?
5. Call full group back after each question and listen to a few of the partners respond. Continue reading.
6. Have students return to seats quietly by calling rows or color squares.
7. Explain the after assessment and write the writing response on the white board for the class to see
8. Have students take out their journals quietly
9. Have students write how they would respond to a bully if they were in Molly Lou Melons place.
10. After students finish the activity, have several children share their finished ideas.

Activity Analysis:
Students will show that they understand the meaning of bullying by creating an illustration that goes along with their
writing response. Students will distinguish the bullying that takes place throughout the read aloud along with the
positive attitude that Molly Lou Melon has throughout the story. I think that positivity and kindness is shown
throughout the story along with a small lesson on bullying
Technology: Since this was a read aloud, I decided to do the reading rather than using a website that had the book.