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Name: Lainey Losekamp

Lesson Title: Word Building
Grade: First

Date of lesson:9/23/14
Content Area/Topic: Phonics
School: Indiana University East

Lesson # 2

Multicultural Goals: None.
Type of Lesson:
Learning Objective(s): Students will demonstrate their
Assessment Tool(s): Performance observation of two
understanding of phonics by selecting letters by sound
attempts in small group work.
and sight to create words.
Assessment Criteria (Mastery Level): Checklist of
observation with 50% accuracy since it is practice and

Academic Standard(s): 1.RF.4. 1.RF.4.1:

Use letter--sound knowledge of single consonants (hard and soft sounds),short and long vowels, consonant
blends and digraphs, vowel teams(e.g.,ai) and digraphs, and r--controlled vowels to decode phonetically regular
words(e.g., cat, go, black, boat ,her),independent of context.
Differentiation: For higher level students, I would add more letters for the word building activity and more complex
word choices (product). To differentiate the content, I would have students work on their long vowels, phoneme
deletion, or phoneme substitution.

Accommodations: One-on-One Instruction or work with whole class on the lesson.

Multiple Intelligence(s): Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence is incorporated to the subject matter, when students have to use
their gross and fine motor skills picking up the letter signs. Interpersonal intelligence is incorporated into the lesson by
having the students work in small groups. Verbal-linguistic is demonstrated when students sound out each letters of
the word created. Visual-spatial intelligence is incorporated in the lesson when students have to read the words and
recognize the letters.

Background Knowledge/Prerequisite Skills: Students will have to be able to identify sounds, identify the letters, and
phoneme substitution.

Materials: Materials include list of words, letter signs, and


Technologies Implemented: None

Anticipatory Set: Teacher will introduce the lesson by using mega blocks or pretend bricks to build a house. Teacher
will ask the students, what does this building remind you of? Students will respond with a variety of answers. Teacher
will tell students she built a house with these mega blocks. The mega blocks represent the letters of alphabet. If there
were not any letters with sounds of the alphabet, how could we build words? How could we talk? That is why it is
important to learn the sounds of the letters.

Procedures: 1. State the objective by saying, Today class, we will be working on word building. You will be given
teams, as a team you all are going to work on your phonics by sounding out the each of the letters of the word given.
Members of your team will work together to build the word by sounding out the letters.
2. Teacher will assign three to four students in group.
3. Each team will receive an amount of letters on each table.

4. Teacher will read the words to the class one at time.

5. After reading the word, the teams will work together sounding out each letter of the word: building the word together
with the letters given.
6. Team members have to find the letters and hold them at their bellies.
7. Each student has to hold one letter.
8. Students need to work together quietly to prevent giving answers to other times.
9. Once teams have created the word, they need to stand in the correct order to sound out the word.
10. Each student has to say their own sound.
11. For example the word bat. Student B has to say the /b/, student A would say /a/, and student T would say the /t/.
12. Teacher will clap my hands together and the whole team would say the word they made.
13. The whole class would continue the same process working their small groups.

Closure: Now that we have practiced our phonics with word building, I would like everyone to create two words on their
own using the sounds of the letters we practiced today.