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Reem A.

4850 Ternes, Detroit 48210, MI | (313)945-6220 | reem.saif@wayne.edu

School or University Attended:
Wayne State University
42 W. Warren Ave., Detroit, Mi

Field Of Study and Goals:

Mechanical Engineering
Degree Goal: Bachelors Degree
Expected Year of Graduation: 2018

Awards and Honors:

I am currently enrolled at the Honors College at the University.

I have mentored elementary students at neighborhood.
I have completed with local schools.
I have completed volunteer work with community organizations.


Future Academic Goals.

I am currently a freshman in Wayne State University. As it is the start of my educational career, I
have many goals I am striving to achieve. I am working on attaining a Bachelors degree in
Mechanical Engineering. Also, I am currently enrolled and completing the classes required, and that
is certainly the first steps into assuring to graduate with university honors. I am hoping in attaining
my degree in four years and graduating in 2018. As an engineering student I am hopeful to be able
to have many experiences in internship opportunities.