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Ensuring compassion in nursing

26 January 2015 (09.30 16.00) The University of Worcester Arena

Are the episodes of poor care described at Mid-Staffs and elsewhere a result of a deficit of compassion in nursing? Or are they
simply the result of stressed nurses working in an unforgiving environment?
The causes of poor care have been debated in political arenas as well as in the pages of the press and in professional journals. In a
recent exchange of articles in the academic press, two of the most accomplished thinkers and writers in nursing have taken opposite
views. Drawing on evidence from social psychology, John Paley argues that poor care can be largely explained by the situation that
nurses find themselves in. In response, Professor Gary Rolfe claims that there is indeed a deficit in compassion which is best
addressed through enhanced education. Both have agreed to present and discuss their views at this conference.
Following the academic debate the tension between compassion and efficiency in a challenging financial environment will be
explored from the perspective of regulation, practice and education.
The day will be of interest to all interested in health care, nursing and nursing education: Educators, practitioners, managers and

Confirmed speakers:
Professor Gary Rolfe Gary Rolfe is Professor of Practice Innovation and Development in the College of
Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University. He qualified as a mental health nurse in 1983 and has an
academic background in philosophy and education. He teaches reflective practice, practice development and
action research and has published ten books and over one hundred journal articles and book chapters on
philosophical aspects of practice, research methodologies, practice development and education. Gary is also a
visiting professor at Trinity College Dublin and Cantebury Christ Church University. He is associate editor for
Nurse Education Today.

Dr Derek Sellman Dr Sellman in director of the unit for Philosophical Nursing Research at the University of
Alberta. He has a research interest in virtue ethics as a base for ethical nursing practice in general and in relation to
the moral education of nurses in particular. He is the editor of the Wiley-Blackwell journal Nursing Philosophy and is
a former Secretary of the International Philosophy of Nursing Society

John Paley Formerly at the University of Stirling, John Paley is a Visiting Fellow in the Centre for Health and
Social Care Research, Sheffield Hallam University. He has a degree in philosophy from Cambridge, and since the
1990s has written philosophical topics in nursing and research methods. His recent publications include work on
social cognition in the clinical environment, compassion, Heidegger, the philosophy of qualitative research, hope,
spirituality in health care, and nursing ethics.

Dr Jan Quallington Dr Quallington is head of the Institute of Health and Society at the University of
Worcester. Her teaching and research interests are centred on how philosophical and ethical theory can be
applied to enhance and improve practice in the health and care sectors. Specifically her research interests
are; values led care, involving the public in decision making, risk management and ethical leadership, end
of life issues and research ethics.

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