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Among the Believers

This story is about a little girl who always have curiosity about the church and God but
her father always told her we dont believe in God. All of this happen until the summers
when she visit Oakdale, her fathers hometown. During her visits she understood the
different that she was because all of the family do religious gestures that she didnt
know. The summer before she entered fifth grade, the visit to Oakdale coincide with
vacation Bible school. She was happy because finally she could learn more about the
church and the answers to questions that she always had. On the last day of the Bible
school a teacher asked the girls if there was something troubling her. And the little girl
ask her the question that more she wanted to know, If God made the world, who made
God? First the teacher thought that it was a joke but the girl answer that it wasnt, that
she just wanted to understand the religion. Then the teacher gave her the text of the
23rd Psalm. After that, the little girl read and memorize the Psalm and with that she
glimpse into spirituality. In that moment she understood that the language revealed to
her if not was its full power, it was awesome potential. And in that day she decided that
she would be a writer.

This story is about a twelve years old boy who went to a religious revival with his aunt.
Then just before the revival ended, they held a special meeting for children to get closer
to Christ by forgiving their sins. His aunt told him that if he was saved, he would see a
light, meaning Jesus had come into his life. And the boy believe that this would literally
happen, that he would see Jesus. So he sat in church, waiting to see this mysterious
light and Christ but it never came. He watch the other kids that stand up and went to the
altar and he believe that they have seen the light and were saved. At the end only two
remain, a boy call Westley and himself. When this happen many people came and knelt
around them and prayed for their salvation. Westley got tired so he stand up and went
to the altar. His aunt continued to pray for him and nothing happened. He could not
understand this and felt ashamed. He decided it might make less trouble if he lied about
seeing Jesus. So he stood up, and the whole church burst into shouts of joy. Later that
night he cried and when his aunt heard him, she though that the tears were causes by
the Holy Ghost. But he was crying because he couldnt bear to tell her that he lied to her
and the church because he didnt saw Jesus and then he say: now I didn't believe there
was a Jesus anymore, since he didn't come to help me.