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After having completed the activities on perception, we moved on to the

areas of knowledge. We first tried to guess what the 8 areas of knowledge were.
We guessed about 4 or 5, and then we were introduced to the rest. We learned
that the 8 areas of knowledge are the arts, history, the human sciences,
indigenous knowledge systems, ethics, mathematics, the natural sciences, and
religious knowledge systems.

Instead of learning about these areas of knowledge through notes and

lectures, we began learning about them through presentations, where each 4
students have to make a 10-minute presentation about one of these areas. The
class was divided into 4 groups, so we began researching about the first 4 areas
of knowledge, which are the arts, history, mathematics, and the human sciences.
Our assignment was actually very creative and fun. It was to imagine that we had
landed on a an alien planet, and have to teach the inhabitants about a specific
area of knowledge, so in other words, we had to be very informative and specific
in our presentations.

My group consisted of Lana, Nasri, and George, and the area of knowledge
we were assigned was the arts. I was not very enthusiastic at the start, because
art is my least favorite subject and in fact what I am least interested in. I thought
the task would be boring and difficult. None of the students in my group were
interested in the arts either, but it was what we were assigned so we had to
begin our research.
As I began researching about the arts, I realized that it wasnt such a
narrow and simple topic. It was actually very complex. There were theories,
rules, and criticisms. It was not as simple or as boring as it seemed. Throughout
the research process, I began to develop a liking for this topic. I understood the
meaning behind it, and why people made art.
Nasri and George were absent most of the time, so Lana and I were the
only ones to work on this task. This allowed us to divide the work into two main
tasks; research, and organization. Lana began researching about the arts. She
would tell me what she found and I would paraphrase and organize the
information on the PowerPoint presentation. Halfway through the assignment,
we switched roles. This way, each of us was able to develop both research and
organization skills, and we were both able to expand our knowledge and get to
know a lot about the arts.
I came to find out that art isnt just the drawings and paintings I see in
art exhibitions. It is an expression used for different branches of creative
activity they can either be visual like paintings, sculptures or drama, or heard
like music. It usually relates to emotions, and that is why there is not an accurate
definition for it. The last few words definitely sum up this whole topic, there is
not an accurate definition for it. My cousin is an artist, who looks up to Picasso.
As I grew up, I always remember her quoting Picasso, Art is a lie that brings us
closer to the truth. I never really understood this quote. How can art, which is
obviously real, be a lie? After thoroughly researching about this area of
knowledge, I finally understood what this meant. If one paints scenery of a lake
out of his imagination, then it will be a lie because such a location doesnt exist
but it brings the painter as well as the audience to a nearer truth that is emotion
underlying the drawing.
I also got to know the three main theories that are used to decide whether
something is a piece of art or not. The first is the intentions of the artist, where
art must be intentional, and a combination of beauty and aesthetics that requires
a response. The second is the quality of work, where art must be made by
someone with talent or training, it should be closely linked to skill, and
technically competent. The last theory is the response of spectators, where
spectators should respond and comment on the art piece, and responses change
over time. However, there are many criticisms for these theories.
I actually like art now. I know the meaning behind it. I know that art is
mostly a lie, and that it is not as simple as it seems. I find it amazing, how people
can express their emotions through art pieces. It is something I have never done,
but I am looking forward to trying. It is a great reflection and portrayal of TOK.