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Progress Report Writing Instructions

Follow the instructions provided below to write your progress report. Also, use this form
as a formatting guide for your document.


(Megan Kinley)
(Luis Ruvalcaba)
Progress Report

Below, I discuss the status of my progress with my inquiry into disciplinarity project.
The discipline I wish to one day achieve is Business in Accounting. I am conducting a research
study on this career to further my knowledge about it and help me determine whether it is
something I want to do all my life. I have learned a lot about what this discipline is through
students, professors, and research.

Research Methods

My research methods include interviewing, surveying, site observation, and document

I interviewed, business professor, David Sterling because I thought, if someone is going
to teach something to the uneducated, they must know what they are talking about and I
felt like someone like him would really help me out with answering my questions truly. I
dont quite remember the exact date I interviewed him but it was during his office hours
at 1:30. The interview was set up to be 20 questions although I eliminated some along the
way because I felt like he had already talked about those certain questions through an
earlier question. Throughout the interview I took basic notes, not too many because I was
recording it and I wanted to listen to his responses instead of trying to write them and
miss things he said then not have understood his response very well. The interview lasted
about 21 minutes, but with my luck my phone had low battery therefore as soon as I was
about to save the recording my phone died, losing all of the interview. Although I do
remember most of his responses from each questions because a lot of what he responded,
impacted me and really helped me out.
For my survey I have come up with about 9 questions which I will ask a business class to
answer for me. The reason I will ask a business class is because I want to see what exact
discipline they have and the answers they give me. I will put extra focus for the
accounting majors because that is the career Im going for. I will conduct this survey on

Tuesday, October 28, 2014.

I am very confident I will finish with my survey part of the research on Tuesday, so I can
be one step closer to completing this whole assignment.
Site Observation(s)
I dont remember exactly when it was that I conducted my site observation. Although I
also went to professor Sterling and asked If I could observe his class. I focused on 6
people around me, 2 which were in the front, 2 in the middle, and 2 in the back. I was
listening to professor Sterlings lecture while constantly observing those 6 people. I just
wanted to see how they worked based on where they sat. I wanted to watch their
behaviors and how well it looked like they learned the material covered.
Document Analyses
Thoroughly describe the status of this method. Briefly describe the documents you will
analyze or have analyzed and indicate how they function within the discipline. If
possible, include copies of the documents in an appendix.
Describe your level of confidence regarding your ability to have this research method
completed by the date you established in your project plan.


My level of confidence for completing this assignment is very good because I believe I
have been up to date with all the other little assignments we need to complete the big
assignment. At first I fell behind on some assignments due to work, and other
assignments in this class or my other classes which I had to complete. But now I have
been caught up to date even if it meant to lose some sleep along the way.