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Alondra Reyes

English 100
October 20, 2014
Research P.1
Burtness, Paul S, and Warren U. Ober. Communication Lapses to the Pearl Harbor
Disaster. The Historian 75.4 (2013): 740-759. Web.
According to this article the leaking of information occurred three days before the
Japanese surprised attacked Pearl Harbor. The person who leaked the U.S. war
plans is unknown. Actually the situation at Pearl Harbor brought the country
together. The main cause for American anger was all the casualties that happened.
The day of the bombing radar operators announced the approach of planes an
officer with no experience in charge of the operators said they were just
friendlies, but little did he knew that they were Japanese planes.

Higgs, Robert. How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japans Attack on Pearl Harbor.
The Independent Institute. Foundation of Economic Education, 2006. Web. 18
Oct. 2014.
Do people really know what caused the bombing at Pearl Harbor? The article
states that for years Americans have been taught the accepted view of the
situation. Did President FDR dislike the Japanese. This article states that

actually did dislike the Japanese and that his family had success with the

China trade. The economic sanctions would not favor Japans advance, Roosevelt hoped
that they would start a war against the U.S. This would benefit Roosevelt because
the start of this war would involve Germany, which Roosevelt also disliked, and

both of his enemies were allies.

Prange, Gordon W, Donald M. Goldstein, and Katherine V. Dillon. Dec.7, 1941: The Day
the Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1988. Print.
A day before the attack on Pearl Harbor the commandant of the 14th Naval District
prepared a drill the drill consisted of a surprise sabotage attack on his men. This
drill was done just in case the local Japanese planned to sabotage. The surprise

turned out really well it all ran smooth. A few days before Yamamoto trusted the
imperial restrict to destroy the U.S Pacific Fleet.

Record, Jeffrey. Japans Decision for War in 1941: Some Enduring Lessons. Strategic
Studies Institute. 2009. Web. 18 Oct. 2014.
Why did Japan bomb Pearl Harbor? This article basically states that the
relationship between Japan and the US was due to their racial pride and cultural
knowledge and that is a reason why the bombing happened. Japan has scarce
natural resources and their economy was dependent on U.S. exports such as oil.
President Roosevelt approved to ban these exports to Japan. The war with the
United States was clearly going to happen. Japan want to get hold of the Dutch
East Indies in order to be dependent on American oil.

Zimm, Alan D. The Pearl Harbor Myth. World War II 26.4 (2011): 34-41. Print.
The surprising attack on Pearl Harbor in this article is described as brilliant. In

than two hours the Japanese had already done so much damage for the U.S. to
recover. As reported in the article 2,403 Americans were killed and 1,178 were

wounded. Two hundred aircrafts were destroyed, five battleships were sunk, and
much of the rest of equipment was damaged. This attack had been in process of
planning for ten months. Even though the Japanese did succeed in their goal of
bombing Pearl Harbor their planning did not always come out as planned. The
lacked coordination and some of their resources were not in the right place. The
bombing also had some success due to American damage control mistakes.