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Lesson Plan Template 1

NAME: Macy Ballenger

Date: 12/1/14
ECE Art/Art Integration Lesson Plan
LTC 4240: Art for Children
Lesson Title & Big Idea: Butterfly colors
The big idea is different colored papers that have been painted and students can chose which colors they want to use for
their butterfly. They can mix colors or do anything they want to with the colors.

Grade Level /Month:

First grade/ Spring Semester

Lesson Overview/Summary: Students will chose what colors of paper they want to use to create a butterfly. They will cut Class Periods Required:
the paper into a butterfly shape and add details using different colors that are provided.
Key Concept (s):
Essential Questions (Found on the national visual arts standards chart):
1. Texture
How do artists work? How do artists and designers determine whether a
2. Symmetry
particular direction in their work is effective? How do artists and designers
3. Mixing Colors
learn from trial and error?
Art Standards:
Explore uses of materials and tools to create works of art or design.

Core Academic Standards (Common Core State Standards and Missouri

State Standards)


Content Areas Integrated:

1. Science

Make observations to construct an evidence-based account that

young plants and animals are like, but not exactly like, their
Identify & define common vocabulary/concepts that connect the art form
with the other identified subject area(s):
1. Texture- surface quality of a work of art
2. Symmetry- the correspondence in size, form, and arrangement of
parts on opposite sides of a plane, line, or point; regularity of form
or arrangement in terms of like, reciprocal, or corresponding parts.

Lesson Plan Template 2

Procedure Continued:
1. Before arriving for the class period, prepare painted paper of multiple
colors that students will be able to choose from.
2. Place papers on the table in piles by color.
3. Instruct students to chose different colors of paper and then explain
how they can use different colors to create a butterfly.
4. Instruct students to use colors on top of other colors to create details
5. Allow time for students to explore how they want to create their
6. Compare butterflies with their neighbor
7. Clean up
What prior knowledge will this lesson require/draw upon?
1. Cutting
2. Gluing
3. Shape of a butterfly
What activities will you use to engage students in imagining, exploring, and/or experimenting in this lesson?
1. Students will be able to explore the materials and chose which supplies they will want to use
2. Students may need to experiment with the shapes they are making to create the butterfly
How will this lesson encourage students to solve problems in divergent ways?
1. Students have the option to create their butterflies in a unique way.
2. Students can add detail using different colors
What opportunities/activities will students be given to revise/reflect and improve their understandings and their work?
1. If students have time, they will be able to create a new butterfly with different colors and use their knowledge from the first butterfly
2. Students can revise their art work as they go
What opportunities/activities will you provide for students to share their learning/understanding/work in this lesson?
1. As stated in the procedure, students will share their learning/understanding/work with the person they are sitting next to.
How will you adapt the various aspects of this lesson to differently-abled students?
1. Students will be able to work with a partner if needed
2. If a student needs help cutting or gluing, students will have a partner they can refer to