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Outside Her Friendship Door I knew when I first met her I saw something special there And as time has passed by Felt how much I really care. I guess I should be satisfied To have her for a friend But, want her to embrace What I know my heart can send. I try hard to not rush it Afraid I¶ll scare her away Since I can't stop my feelings I must be careful what I say. I know her heart's been broken And the pain still burns inside I can see the fear and caution Her pretty eyes can't hide. I may take too much for granted Thinking I may be the one To hope someday she'll love me I may have lost 'fore I¶ve begun. But, I know I¶ll never know If I don't give it my best try If I don't take the chance And let this chance pass by. I wonder as I stand here Outside her "friendship door" Will she tell me yes or no If I ask her for more. Del ³Abe´ Jones 7-3-94