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Interview Questions:

How has growing up in a country with Christianity as a popular religion affected you?
Not much, no one was hateful, taught to be respected, God could of made one thing(
language, religion) but he made many people so we can learn from each other. Get to
know each other is the point in Islam, who is the best in deeds, best person you can be.

What do you think is important that everyone should know about being Muslim?
We mean no harm, we need to have that hope, there is that higher power controlling us.
This is a test, we should have faith, we have to keep going, have faith, trust, hope, always
believe, and remembrance is key, always keep one eye on the past and one on the future.
Everyone has flaws but we must except it, If you dont know that you have weaknesses
then you cant grow. Except that you are weak and that you are helpless (submitting will
to God, have full trust in him) everyone else can let you down but God will except your
Patience is key think of it like this, God answers all prayers but he sees whats best for
you now. What you pray for may not be right for the moment but he will give it to you
when he thinks it is best for you

Has there ever been a time where you felt out casted because of your religion? Explain?
Made fun of for 911, Gaza and Syria. Muslims killing each other, that is not what we are
supposed to be doing.

How is your daily life as a Muslim?

He struggles with not being good enough, wants to be better, he is scared, God can only
judge but it scares him. He is the all-powerful being that judges you. That thought eases
him but makes him scared, makes him want to be a better person, does not want to be a
fuck up. Islam is perfect but I am not. It does not stain Islam, it just stains me. Dont
blame Islam for me, blame me as a person. Everyone in society has a black sheep.

What does your faith mean to you?

Allah has sent down rules/signs, we are noticing it now because of technology, we can
notice the signs now, makes him more faithful, submitting his will, his choice. Makes
him reflect more, self-reflecting of what he is doing. Allah has sent down the book to
help you live up to His expectations. We choose things to make things harder on

How do you think people view Muslims in America?

Either people dont know or they focus what is portrayed on media, Slowly turning
towards age of ignorance

What are your views on other religions?

if you read all the other religions, theyre contradictions, concoctions, in Islam its
perfect on its own It is all black in white. Why does the church teach that Jesus is a god
even though he is a prophet? Why is everyone saying that Jesus is a god even though he
stated that he is not? Jesus states that a future prophet arising which is Muhammad. if a
new call of duty came out , would you play the old one or the new one Being Islam is
the newest one. We are being oppressed for our religion before,

Tell me about your religion. What do they teach as opposed to other religions?
Islamic, called Muslim means submitting ones will to God. 5 pillars of Islam, To pray,
fast, commit haj, zakat- help needy, believing in one god. Muhammad as last messenger,
other religions were good for that specific time, Qu-ran, for all of mankind, for every day.
Muhammad meant for all of mankind. Think of Islam as an update 2.0, summarization of
all the books sent down before us, Quran mentions other religions and their texts lke the
bible. They follow the book, Christians follow teachings of the church, in Islamic, they
love Jesus more, follow teachings of most recent prophet. Purpose of our existence is to
worship god. Everyone is born Muslim but everyone has the freewill. We made the
choice to be human in Quran. No soul is given life that it cant handle.

Body Paragraphs: his thoughts on other religions, what his faith means to him, being a
better person.