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WARRANT NO, THE STATE OF TEXAS )( COUNTY OF TARRANT )( WARRANT OF ARREST TO ANY PEACE OFFICER OF THE STATE OF TEXAS; The undersigned Magistrate having heretofore found that probable cause exists for the issuance of this warrant, you are hereby commanded to arrest Cervantez, Carter A Hispanic Female, Date of Birth: 12/17/1988 hereinafter referred to as the suspect, and bring the said suspect before a Magistrate in and for Tarrant County, Texas, instanter, then and there to answer the State of Texas for an offense against ‘the laws of the said State, to-wit Theft $1500.00-$20,000 of which offense HE the said suspect, is accused by the written affidavit, under oath of Detective M.S. Barron #3087 Fort Worth Police Department filed before me anterior to the issuance of this warrant, Herein fail not and due return make hereof at the place hereinafter named, Witness my official signature this the 4 day of 2014. ave: 10 | po Z hh) MAGISTRATE IN AND FOR TARRANT COUNTY, TEXAS Ae” Lik, Maal TY TITLE AND OFFICE HELD BY MAGISTRATE | RECOMMENDED BOND SET BY JUDGE: $100 O00- RETURN Came on to hand on the __day of. __,20____, and executed on the day of, 20. NAME OF PEACE OFFICER DESCRIPTION OF OFFICE Confidential Page 1 12/3/2014 THE STATE OF TEXAS )( ARREST WARRANT AFFIDAVIT COUNTY OF TARRANT BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared the undersigned affiant, who after being duly swom on oath deposes and says; My name is DETECTIVE M. Barron, LD. 3087, FORT WORTH POLICE DEPARTMENT, and I have good reason to believe and do believe that on or about the 24" August, 2014, in Tarrant County, Texas, Cervantez, Carter, ‘Hispanic Female, DOB 12/17/1988, did then and there commit the offense of Theft $1500-820,000 {in that he did then and there unlawfilly appropriate, by acquiring or otherwise exercising control over property, to-wit: $17,850.32 USS, Curreney and Coins with intent to deprive the owner, American Eagle Outfitters, of the property. My belief is based upon the following facts and information: ‘This offense did occur in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. On Friday November 28", 2014 at approximately 0831 hours Fort Worth Police Patrol Officer J. Manning #4218 and assisting officers were dispatched to 4701 King Ranch Road, Apartment #1505 to assist the Fort Worth Fire Department on an apartment fire. On arrival at the complex, Officer Manning met with the fire department personnel and was briefed with the following summary of information. > Fire department personnel responded to the reported fire at apartment 1505 at approximately 0804 hours. > On entry into the apartment they discovered that a fire was burning in the bedroom area of the apartment. > After extinguishing the flames, fire department personnel discovered the body of a female deceased person at the foot of the bed > The female had both her feet and hands bound with duct tape. Her hands were bound behind her back. > The body was positioned face down on the floor. Apparent blood consistent with unknown injury was observed near the head of the deceased female. > Fire department personnel observed that the fire appeared to have been started by chemical accelerants. > The female was pronounced deceased at 0817 hours by fire department personnel, > Fire department personnel observed that this appeared to be an obvious murder crime scene. They secured the premises with the assistance of Officer Manning and requested the response of homicide investigators. At approximately 1020 hours Fort Worth Homicide Detectives J. Cedillo #3014 and E.C. Pate #3023 arrived at the crime scene. During the course of this investigation, Detectives Pate and Cedillo learned that the victim who was identified as Ashlea Harris, white female, date of birth 11/02/1983 was employed as an assistant manager at American Eagle Outfitters located at Hulen Mall. These detectives conducted interviews with friends of the victim whom many were also employed at American Eagle Outfitters. These witnesses collectively advised Detectives Pate and Cedillo of the following information. > On August 24", 2014 Ashlea Harris reported a burglary at American Eagle Outfitters to Fort Worth Police reference case number 14-81057. A cash deposit of approximately $18,000 was taken during the commission of the burglary. > Ashlea Harris reported to investigating Fort Worth Police Officers that she believed that two fellow employees at American Eagle Outfitters were involved in the burglary. > Ashlea Harris identified these employees as David Mallory (Clarence David Mallory) and Carter Cervantez. On December 2", 2014 | Detective M. Barron #3087 and Detective T. S. O'Brien #3320, both assigned to homicide, began assisting Detectives Pate and Cedillo by reviewing the investigation associated with the burglary report. We observed that the original investigation had stalled due to the detective being unable to contact the listed suspects. We obtained the original detectives case file and observed that a witness statement had been obtained from Ashlea Harris. We reviewed the statement and obtained the following summary of information > On August 23", 2014 Ashlea Harris was scheduled to work from 2:00 P.M. until 10:00 P.M. Carter Cervantez, who is also employed as a store assistant manager, approached Ashlea Harris and asked her if she wanted to take her lunch late and leave at 9:30 P.M, > Ashlea Harris declined saying that she needed to be present to count down the store registers. > At approximately 8:10 P.M. Carter Cervantez told Ashlea Harris that she was going to take out the trash. Harris felt this was unusual because Cervantez does not take out the trash as part of her regular duties. Additionally, the employees are not supposed to take out the trash after it is dark outside. (Detectives Cedillo and Pate learned in their investigation that the trash dumpster is accessed by exiting a crash style door at the rear of American Eagle Outfitters.) > Ashlea Harris departed the store at approximately 10:18 P.M. leaving Carter Cervantez and other employees straightening the store's interior. Prior to departing the store Harris and the person assisting in the count Kaylee Fitch completed the deposit slip and locked the cash and deposit slip in the store safe. ‘She departed through the store gate which leads into the mall area, closing the store gate behind her. > On August 24", 2014 at approximately 9:30 A.M. Harris opened the store with another employee. When they entered the store they observed that the store alarm was activated. This was not uncommon due to mall walkers sometimes getting too close to the store gates and activating the alarm. > Harris approached the store’s safe to get the deposit and observed that the safe door was open with a key inserted into the locking mechanism. The deposit was missing from inside. > Harris checked the crash door at the rear of the store and observed that it was open and not locked. Cervantez had been the last known person to exit this door when she took the trash out. (Detectives Pate and Cedillo learned in their investigation that the employees depart at closing through the gate which leads into the mall.) > Harris began checking the video surveillance system after store, closing. She observed a male enter the rear of the store from where the area where the crash bar door is located. The male is wearing a dark, hooded style jacket. He walks directly to the location of the safe. The male removes the deposit and briefly walks away from the safe before returning to place the key in the locking mechanism, > Harris indicated in her written statement that she believed that this person was David Mallory, He is a fellow store employee and the room-mate of Carter Cervantez > Harris noted in her statement that the physical appearance to include height and thin legs were the same as those of David Mallory and the person on the video. She also noted that the manner in which they walked was the same. > Harris indicated and the video substantiates that this individual walked straight to the safe which is in a location that would not be obviously noticeable to a random person, On December 2%, 2014 at approximately 1430 hours Detective O'Brien and I met with Alyssa Castillo at the homicide office. Castillo is a six year employee of American Eagle Outfitters and was employed at the time of this offense. She provided the following information. > Alyssa was one of the closing employees on the night prior to the theft occurring. Carter Cervantez was the closing assistant manager. > Alyssa said that she and the other store employees generally park in the same location in the parking area. The employees are familiar with each other's vehicles. In addition, they are familiar with the direction that each other depart from the parking area. Alyssa said that it was unusual that Carter had taken out the trash that evening. She said that the trash is usually always taken out in the morning, The closing employees all depart from the store together through the gate into the mall area which is lowered behind them by the key holding manager. Alyssa identified Carter's vehicle as being a black colored two door Infiniti with extremely dark tinted windows. Alyssa said that it is not unusual for David Mallory to drive Carter to work in her vehicle and return to pick her up at closing, > Alyssa and Carter departed the store at 12:07 A.M. on August 24", 2014, They: walked to the parking area together. She noticed that Carter’s black Infiniti was parked on the front row in the parking garage area, This is unusual because it is difficult for closing employees to get close parking because they arrive in the afternoon business hours at the mall and all have to generally park in an outer area of the garage. vowy v > Alyssa said that she could not tell due to the dark window tint on Carter's vehicle if David was driving the car at that time. > Alyssa continued walking past Carter's vehicle until reaching her vehicle. She said that when she entered her vehicle she did not immediately leave the parking area due to texting on her phone, > She noticed Carters vehicle driving in a direction opposite from the way she usually departs. Alyssa said that Carter and David do not depart that way from the mall. They always depart out the exit which leads on to Overton Ridge. > When she departed from the parking lot toward the 1-20 service road she observed a black colored Infiniti two door with dark tinted windows parked by the garbage dumpster which is located outside of the back door to American Eagle Outfitters, On December 2%, 2014 at approximately 3:16 P.M. Detective O'Brien and | conducted an interview with store employee Lindsay Anne Green. She provided the following summary of information. > Lindsay has been employed at American Eagle Outfitters as a merchandising leader. Lindsay works with both Carter Cervantez and David Mallory. She was assigned to store opening the moming that Ashlea discovered the deposit theft. > Lindsay and Ashlea began viewing the store surveillance video. She said that it was very unusual that Carter would have taken out the trash because store managers do not routinely perform this duty. > Lindsay said that when she viewed the video of the person entering the store and stealing the deposit she immediately believed with no doubt that the person on the video was David Mallory, She said that the person had the same physical build as David noting his height and thinness. The individual walked with a slight forward hunch which is the same way David walks. > She also noted that this person went immediately from the rear of the store to the location of the safe at the register counter. On December 2, 2014 at approximately 4:00 P.M. Detective O'Brien and | interviewed Yasmine Villareal. She provided the following information. > Yasmine is employed as an assistant store manager at American Eagle Outfitters, > Two keys are issued to the assistant managers and the store manager. One of these keys will access the front roll up gate and the alarm locking mechanism on the rear crash bar style door. The other key will access the safe. > At the time of the theft only she, Ashlea, Carter, and the store manager Chris Cravey had both of these keys, > Yasmine was the early assistant manager on August 23", which was the day prior to the theft. She would not be closing and therefore would not have to access the store's safe prior to her departure. > Yasmine was working with Carter for a period of time during her shift prior to the theft. Yasmine acknowledged that she does not always keep her keys on her person. She said that she commonly wears dresses and has to use her keys at the register. > Yasmine said that during her shift she and Carter were folding clothes together at a table. Yasmine had to go to the register to handle a customer matter and she placed her keys on the folding table where Carter was standing. > Yasmine said that when Chris Cravey called all of the managers together the morning of August 24" after the theft discovery to conduct a key inventory. Yasmine's safe key was missing and was the key that had been left in the open safe locking mechanism by the person who entered the store to commit the theft, On December 3%, 2014 Detective T.S. O'Brien conducted an interview with Chris Cravey the store manager. He had conducted an internal investigation into the theft. He provided the following information > Cravey discovered that Yasmine's safe key was the only missing key. > Cravey began watching surveillance video throughout the day prior to the theft, He observed that Carter was in fact standing at the area where Yasmine had placed her keys when she went to attend to a customer matter. > While watching the video surveillance Cravey observed Carter opening the exterior cabinet door which closes to conceal the store safe. She is observed opening this door after the time Ashlea had already deposited the store's revenue. > Cravey spoke to Carter and she admitted that she had been the last person to exit the rear door of the store and that she had possibly left the door unlocked. > Cravey suspended Carter for leaving the back door open. She responded that she did not see what the big deal was because the loss should be covered by insurance. David Mallory was scheduled to work an additional three shifts after the incident but never returned to work > The total amount of the deposit which was stolen was $17,850.32 ‘That based on the above facts and information being related to him, and as a result of his investigation, your affiant has reason to believe and does believe that Cervantez, Carter, Hispanic Female, Date of Birth: 12/17/1988 knowingly and intentionally did then and there commit the offense of Theft $1500.00-520,000. WHEREFORE, | request that an arrest warrant issue for the suspect hereinbefore designated according to the laws of this State. WITNESS my signature this the _“{_day of “AEFIANT SUBSCRIBED AND S)ORN TO BEFORE ME this the U; day of Decauka: | (Y