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After completing my investigation of how young artists are interpreting and

communicating their thoughts and ideas of the world around us, I realize just how important art
is in Early Childhood Education programs. Many of these young children may not always have
the words to communicate their thinking, but with artwork they are given an opportunity to
explore and create whatever they want in a way that is meaningful for them and enables them to
express themselves. Although both Jordan and Matt were the same age, they were in different
developmental artistic stages, one the scribbling stage and the other the pre-schematic stage.
Each artist will have different experiences, skills and opportunities that have shaped who they
are as an artist and will bring this with them inside the classroom. Like these findings, in a
classroom many of the children will be at different developmental stages as well. As a young
artist, they need time, space, opportunities and access to different materials to grow and learn as
a person, student and an artist. As a teacher of young artist, I believe that you must be patient,
encouraging and observant of the childrens words and actions while completing art. From doing
this, you will see growth in your students, as well as areas that may need extra support.