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Tour of CSC SWOT (please type the report)

Date of Tour_____October 16th, 2014________

Name of Student: Stacey Ison
Name of tour guide: John Brubaker
1. What is your job title and how long have you been working for Miami?
Director or procurement and food purchasing
2. What is the favorite part of your job?
Two days are never the same. Always something different.

3. What is the least favorite part of your job

Increasing rates of food, and budgeting
Number of Items
in Inventory.


Est. Cost of

$10 Million

Who purchases
the food?

Who sets up
purchases the the food

John Brubaker


John B

How do the dining halls order the food? What is the process?
1.Order items through FSS, C-Board, and Net hems.
2. A requisition is sent in and printed with halls orders.
3. Items are then pulled three days out.
4.Items are delivered one day ahead of schedule.
Who does the hiring
How many hours a day are
How many full time
for the CSC? Nancy
considered full time?
employees on staff?
9 hour days/ 40 hours weekly 58 full time staff
What is a prime vendor?
Name a few.
US Foods Inc. Star Bucks, Pepsi

How can a
What is
student apply the rate of
to work here? pay for
$8.35/ hr

How many Part-time staff?


External Threats: What/who is the Competition?

Local restaurants, Grocery stores, fast food
External Opportunities: Future Trends?
Purchasing more commercial products to keep up with demand.
What changes would you make to the operation?
Have fewer vendors so you have more of a control of products.
What are some industry professional organizations dealing with college food service ?
National Association of College and University Food Services, National Restaurant Association.
How often is establishment inspected and by what agency?
The establishment is inspected about twice a year. Once from the Ohio Department of Agriculture and one from a
local sanitarian and microbiologist from the local hospital.

Internal Strengths: such as quality of food, skill level of employees, work hours
Most products are in house made, and overseen by one skilled employee.
Internal Weaknesses: policies, labor, quality of food, strategic planning
Large batch sizes when making soups and products. Large order size could mean out of date products.

What three things did you learn from this tour? Please answer using complete sentences.
1. Most food items in convience markets and stores dont come directly from CSC but from outside venders like
HT. Hackney
2. Every soup on campus, except for the traditional Campbells soups are made on campus.
3. The bakery contains no commercial products. Its all self sustaining.