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Kayta Brown

November 27th, 2014

Art - Lesson #4
Subject: Art
Grade: Three/Four
Activity: Ted Harrison Paint Pictures
Total Time of Lesson: 60 minutes
Goals/Key questions: Question: How can I have students create a more advanced art
project while incorporating other aspects of school subjects as

Goal: Students will start to create northern landscape pictures
inspired by Ted Harrison.
Objective (connected to PofS):
General Outcome:
Component 10 (ii) SUBJECT MATTER: Students will develop themes, with an emphasis
on personal concerns, based on:
A. Plants and animals
B. Environment and places
C. Manufactured or human-made things
D. Fantasy
E. People
Component 10 (iii): Media and Techniques: Students will use media and techniques,
with an emphasis on exploration and direct methods in drawing, painting, print
making, sculpture, fabric arts, photography, and technographic arts.
PURPOSE 4: Students will express a feeling or a message.
B. Specific messages, beliefs and interests can be interpreted visually, or symbolized.
PURPOSE 5: Students will create an original composition, object or space based on
supplied motivation.
A. Outside stimulation from sources such as music, literature, photographs, film,
creative movement, drama, television and computers can be interpreted visually.

Kayta Brown
November 27th, 2014

Specific Outcome:
B. Painting:
- Learn simple brush skills: holding and unloading the brush, applying paint, cleaning
the brush.
- Experiment with the medium to explore its possibilities.
- Work primarily with tempera paint or tempera paint with additives, using large
brushes to paint.
- Mix primary colours and lighten and darken colours.
Materials needed/pre-set-up required:

Draft paper
Good paper for good copies
Smartboard presentation


What are the teacher/students doing?

Review of last week

5 minutes

We will do a recap of what we were working on last week. We will go

over who their pictures are inspired by.

Sketching out their


I will hand out their papers that had their sketches and ask them to
sketch out their whole pictures on the draft paper. I will give them 5
minutes to draw a rough outline of what they want their picture to
look like.

5 minutes
Lesson on
adding to their
rough copies
10 minutes

I will do a little lesson on perspective and how to draw with some

depth in their pictures. We will also look at pictures of Ted Harrisons
work as a reminder of how his pictures are laid out. As well, we will
talk about adding white and black to paint to make different shades of
the same colour. We will also talk about how to properly use the paint
brush. After this, they will try to add depth to their pictures by putting
some parts closer to the front and making them larger and some
behind and smaller. They can flip over their page and redo their
picture or just change their sketch to add that in. I will then explain to
students that they need to plan out which colours they want to use in
their pictures and where.

Sketching out their

good copy
10 minutes

Students will transfer their sketch onto their good copy - pressing
lightly on the pencil. Once I have seen both their rough copy and
their good copy, they can start painting.

Painting their
30 minutes

I will explain to students that this should take next weeks class as
well. They should be taking their time and doing their best work.
Students will paint for the remainder of class.

Kayta Brown
November 27th, 2014

Assessment: I will assess students on whether or not they did an addition of perception
to their pictures. I will also assess whether or not they understood creating different
shades by adding black and white to the paint to create different shades by how they
paint their pictures. I will also assess how carefully they are using their paint brushes
and doing their paint strokes.
Modification: We may or may not start painting depending on how much time is left
after they are done drawing their rough copies.
Extra Activity: We will start a community circle if there is not enough time to start