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Jessica Sanchez
Professor Adler
STACC English 100 #3637
26 November 2014
The Real Effect
Mexican immigrants come to the United States to pursue what they call the American
Dream. The American Dream has different significances it mostly depends on the person and
what they are trying to pursue here in the United States. There is times when people cant
accomplish this once wished dream due to deportation issues. When separation comes to their
lives there is an effect psychologically people face.
Within the book The Madonnas of Echo Park we come across many stories of Mexican
immigrants and how they suffer here in the United States. In order for them to live a normal life
they have to go through many hardships. In the chapter of Efren the bus driver we are presented
with a situation of Efren being racist to his own race, which is Mexican. Many immigrants
encounter this issue when they come to the U.S.A. and it is very hard to believe but there are
people in our society that are ashamed of their race roots history and prefer to keep it hidden due
to embarrassment or hate. In the book the passengers that ride on Efrens bus encounter this
discrimination and mistreatment and after all these issues victims unfortunately pay the
consequences for someone elses mistake.
Immigrants dont get the same respect a U.S. citizen does. There is lots of discrimination
they encounter from work discrimination which is where employers fail to respect the law and

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violate their rights by making them work overtime without extra pay or just not giving them the
enough breaks they are supposed to receive. It is also hard for immigrants to find jobs since they
do not have legal documentation. All these issues start to accumulate within the human being and
with time it creates psychological issues. For example, depression, anger, or maybe even start
letting people treat you the way they want. This is all wrong and everyone should be treated the
same with respect and declared in the constitution of the United States.
Issues psychologically start to increase with time and more mistreatment. Immigrants
face lots of challenges when they first come to the United States illegally. In the article "My
Life as an Illegal John Spong presents to us the term mojado which is a word some people use
to name immigrants that crossed the border illegally, the word in English is wetback. It is an
offensive word that should not be used it is very discriminatory. Things like this start to gather
up within people and create problems. It puts people to have negative mindsets about themselves
and their race which then later on leads to disliking their race. Like Efren in the book becomes
racist to his own race due to the problems he had at home with his family. For some people it is a
way for them to start new and get away from things that bring them bad memories or things that
made them suffer once in their life. Although Ive lived and worked in this country for sixteen
years. I worry that I could be deported if I reveal my name or my face (John Spong). This quote
expresses almost all immigrants biggest fear they feel when they live here in the United States
due to the rejection they get from the society they live in. It is hard to believe that still today in
this century discrimination still happens but unfortunately it still does.
Discrimination is like a war that is hard to end. Immigrants are in danger every day of
getting arrested by Immigration and getting deported. When you get deported more stress comes
to mind because you are leaving your family behind and you are obligated to a separation you do

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not wish happens. As in the quote from this article This may result in feelings of loss and lead a
reduction in effective coping resources. Immigrants may also experience stressors that are
particular to the new environment. These include discrimination, language inadequacy, the lack
of social and financial resources, stress and frustration associated with unemployment and low
income, feelings of not fitting into the host society, and a sense of anxious disorientation in
response to the unfamiliar environment (Joseph D. Hovey). This article presents all the
complications or reactions a person can have when they are presented to a new unfamiliar
Mexicans are already having hardships at their hometown due to the drug cartels and
violence that is happening where they live. There is cases when this is the reason they decide to
leave their hometown and come to the United States. Another top popular reason of why these
immigrants decide to come to the U.S. is to live a better life with less poverty and they are trying
to give their children a better lifestyle.
In this article the title of it says it all "Estamos Traumados: The Effect of Anti-Immigrant
Sentiment and Policies on the Mental Health of Mexican Immigrant Families." Estamos
Traumados means we are traumatized. This title pretty much sums all my main points I am
trying to explain on how Mexican immigrants do get damaged psychologically. This issue should
be taken more seriously because it could have a greater impact in our society later on in life. In
this article the events of humiliation and mistreatment are being explained.
On November 20, 2014 our president Barack Obama gave us a speech regarding
immigrants. According to the White House website, President Obama refers immigrants as part
of the United States since they been here for some time. As he states: My fellow Americans, we
are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once, too. And whether our

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forebears were strangers who crossed the Atlantic, or the Pacific, or the Rio Grande, we are here
only because this country welcomed them in, and taught them that to be an American is about
something more than what we look like, or what our last names are, or how we worship. What
makes us Americans is our shared commitment to an ideal - that all of us are created equal, and
all of us have the chance to make of our lives what we will (Barack Obama). Our president
also notices how there are some immigrants that are innocent and they only reason they came
here is to pursue a better life. This speech shows us how big of an impact immigrants have done
to our nation.
The immigration demographics keep increasing over time. According to the website of
the U.S. census website Mexican immigrants are the second to the highest ratio of immigrants
migrating to the United States. The highest immigrant ratio are Central Americans. The lifestyle
they have in their hometown unfortunately leads them to leaving it for a better life.
Deportation has a huge negative impact in families lives. The breakup of families leads
to many serious and harmful problems. Immigration will continue to increase throughout time
and have a big impact in our country.

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