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What is HIV/AIDS?

AID (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a disease caused by a virus called by HIV (Human
immunodeficiency virus). Virus is passed from one person to another through blood-on-blood
and sexual conduct. Additionally, transmitted thought vaginal, oral sex, anal sex, blood
transfusion, and contaminated needles. HIV is like any other disease, but the difference is that
our immune system cant get rid of it; so its for life once you have it. HIV destroys the key
terms to our immune system t-cells or CD4 cells. These cells are used to fight infections and
diseases, but HIV invades them, and then destroys them. Once HIV destroys all the cells needed
to fight infections and diseases, HIV can lead to AIDS, final stage of HIV infection. However, not
everyone with HIV progresses to AIDS with proper treatment, called antiretroviral therapy
(ART). A person who is treated before the disease is far advance can have a nearly normal life
expectancy with ART. Nevertheless, there still isnt any cure for HIV that exists, but scientists
are working hard to find one.

Stages of HIV/AIDS?
Scientists have come up with four different stages of HIV. These stages can go on for more than
twenty years after getting infected.


The first stage of HIV is getting infected. A person becomes infected
by doing many risky activities. This stage of infection lasts for a few
weeks and accompanied by a flu-like illness. It takes about 6 to 12
week to be detected by an HIV test.

In the second stage, a positive HIV person immune system
responds to the infection by producing antibodies to the virus.
This may take up to 3-6 months after infection. If an antibody
test is done before the second stage, it may give a false
negative result because antibodies have not yet been
devolved by the body.

In the third stage, the result of HIV infection now becomes
AIDS. It takes a couple of months to twenty years for a person
to develop AIDS.

In the fourth stage, the diseases become incurable and most
of the medicines are ineffective. All the symptoms are highly
aggravated and at one point, your body wont be able to fight
off anything where death is led to.


HIV first found in

Africa and came to
light in the early
First recognized of
AIDS occurred in
New York and
California from
numerous of gay
90% of people with
HIV were infected
through sexual
You can get tested
for HIV using a
saliva sample.
HIV is not passed
on through spitting,
biting, or sharing
1% of babies born
to HIV positivemothers have HIV.
There isnt ANY
vaccine or cure for
Taking HIV drugs
promptly can help
protect you from
advancing to AIDS
for many years.
November 7, 1991,
NBA star Magic
Johnson announces
that hes HIV

All in all, like any disease out there in this world, there are many ways to prevent them too.
School are teaching students early that safe sex is great six. Magic Johnson even started his
own foundation to help with education and prevention. While scientists are working hard to
find a cure for this deadly disease, let's continue keeping yourself and other's safe.