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Geography (SS8G1)
What are the names of the states that border Georgia?
How many geographic regions does Georgia have?
What are the geographic regions of Georgia?
In which region is Atlanta located?
What is the smallest geographic region?
What region is known for its production of peanuts, pecans, and corn?
In what region is the Okefenokee Swamp located?
What is the highest peak in Georgia?
What two regions are separated by the Fall Line?
What is the largest swamp in North America?
What two hemispheres is Georgia located?
Why does Georgias climate attract businesses?
What is the most populated region in Georgia?
History (SS8H1a)
What was the oldest prehistoric Indian civilization found in Georgia?
Why did the Archaic people move frequently?
What people were the FIRST to make and use pottery?
During which prehistoric period did the bow and arrow come into use?
Who were the FIRST people to use burial mounds?
What do Native American mounds symbolize?
What factor resulted in prehistoric Indians making permanent settlements?
Name the prehistoric traditions of Georgia in order of their existence?
History (SS8H1c)
Who was the first European explorer to enter Georgia?
What were the main reasons the Spanish explored North America?
How did Hernando DeSoto negatively impact Native Americans?
Name the European countries that were the major colonizers of the New World and their reasons for
History (SS8H1) & Economics (SS8E1, SS8E2)
What was the first Spanish settlement in the New World?
What was the British trade policy during the period of colonization?
History (SS8H2b)
Who granted Georgias charter in 1732?
Where was Georgias first settlement?
Who was the founder of Georgia and when was it founded?
According to the charter, what groups of people could not be Georgia colonists?
What were the three reasons for the creation of Georgia?
What were mulberry trees used for?
What group of Austrians left their homeland and settled in Georgia to escape religious persecution? Where

did they settle?

What Indians were led by Tomochichi?
What ship transported the first colonists to Georgia?
Where did James Oglethorpe and the first Georgia colonists land when they arrived in Georgia?

Who served as an interpreter for Oglethorpe?

Tomochichi allowed Oglethorpe to settle on a bluff overlooking what river?
What group did Oglethorpe bring over to Georgia to help defend from the Spanish?
Which battle provided a safe southern frontier for the British?
Name 3 areas of colonist discontent?
History (SS8H2c)
What term was used to describe those who complained about the policies of the trustees?
In 1752, Georgia became a ____colony?
Who were the three royal governors of Georgia?
Who was the longest serving governor and most well liked?
History (SS8H3a)
Which 2 countries were involved in the French and Indian war?
What law forbade colonists to move west of the Appalachian Mountains?
How did the French and Indian War lead to Americas Revolutionary War?
What event began with snowball fight and ended with 5 deaths?
What declared the independence of the American colonies?
How many original colonies were there?
History (SS8H3)
Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?
Where did the first colonial victory in Ga. during the American Revolution?
What British policy greatly affected Ga. by adding a tax on newspapers and licenses?
What was the British policy punishing Boston for the Tea Party?
Name the 3 Georgians that signed the Declaration of Independence.
Who headed the militia that defeated the British at the Battle of Kettle Creek?
Who was the commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolution?
Who is the Revolutionary war heroine who has a county named for her?
What was the most significant result of the siege of Savannah?
Who was the black soldier who was seriously wounded at the Battle of Kettle Creek?
What is the difference between a Loyalist and Patriot?
History (SS8H4)
Why did the writers of Georgias first constitution (1777) want to limit the power of the governor?

Who was elected Georgias first governor under the Constitution of 1777?
What was the first written plan for the government of the United States called?
What was a weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention held in 1787?
What was the purpose of the Great Compromise?
What Georgian helped in the development of the Great Compromise?
What was the 3/5 Compromise?

Who were the 2 signers of the US Constitution from Georgia?

History (SS8H5)
What was the purpose of the headright system in Georgia?
What scandal took place when Georgias governor and some legislators were bribed to sell public land to
private developers at below-market price?
What system replaced the headright system as a way of allocating land?
Who was the Creek leader in the Oconee War between the Creek and the Georgia pioneers?
How did the majority of Native Americans lose their land?
Who is responsible for giving away all of the Creeks land?

Why was William McIntosh, a Creek chief, murdered by his own people?
What were the 2 main Indian tribes in Georgia?
The removal of the Cherokee from their land is referred to as what?
The Indians were taken to the Indian Territory, which is mainly what present-day state?
What discovery led to the final Indian removal from Georgia?
Who was the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court who ruled that Cherokee territory was not subject to state
Who was the Cherokee chief who took a petition of Congress protesting the Cherokee removal from their
History (SS8H5a)
What is a land grant university?
What is Georgias first land grant university?
Who was the first President of the University of Georgia?
By 1860, what were the 2 largest church denominations in Georgia?
Why did the capital of Georgia move so often?
What invention had the greatest effect on Georgias economy in the early 1800s?
What were the 2 earlier names of Atlanta?
What railroad became the primary railroad in Georgia in the 1830s?
What did Georgia use the railroads for during the antebellum time period?
Who invented the cotton gin?
Civics and Government (SS8CG1a,b)
How many articles are in Georgias state constitution?
Which branch of Georgias government is the largest?
To whom does the Georgia constitution give the right to control the government?
Name the 3 branches of government.
What term refers to the designation of certain powers to each of the 3 branches of government?

According to the system of checks and balances, the executive branch checks the legislative branch through
the use of the ______.
What keeps one branch of government from becoming too powerful?

Civics and Government (SS8CG2)

What are the requirements to serve in the Georgia senate?
How long is the regular session of the Ga. General Assembly?
What are the requirements to serve in the Ga. house of representatives?
How long is the term of a member of the Georgia General Assembly?

How many legislators serve in Ga. House of Representatives?

How many people serve in the Ga. State Senate?
A _______committee is a permanent legislative committee.
Who presides over the Georgia State Senate?
Who presides over the Georgia House of Representatives?
What is the very important group in the General Assembly who debate and report on bills called?
What vote is required in the house of representatives in order for a bill to pass?
If the governor vetoes a bill, the legislature can override the veto by a _____________of both houses.
Civics and Government (SS8CG3a,b)
What is the maximum number of consecutive years that a Ga. governor may serve as the states chief
executive officer?
What types of powers are given to Ga.s governor by the state constitution?
What qualifications are required to be elected governor?
How many consecutive years can a lieutenant governor serve in that capacity according to Ga.s constitution?
The chief legal officer of the state is the ______.
The power to pardon criminals is a ______power of the governor.
Civics and Government (SS8CG4)
Whether or not a person accused of a crime should be charged and stand trial for that crime is decide by
How many justices serve on the Georgia state supreme court?
What types of cases are automatically reviewed by the state supreme court?
What are the most serious criminal crimes called?
What are the less serious criminal crimes called?
A juvenile in Georgia is one who is under the age of _____.
What is an act that would be considered a crime if committed by an adult?
Who has the power in Georgia to deem a law unconstitutional?
What refers to an act that would not be considered a crime if committed by an adult?
Which Georgia law sets forth mandatory sentences for 7 serious crimes committed by juveniles?
Civics and Government (SS8CG5)
How many counties does Georgia have today?
What is an example of a consolidated city-county government?
What is the name of Georgias oldest city?
Name 3 forms of city government.
What are special purpose government districts? List examples.
A county board of education or a port authority is an example of _____________district form of government.
Civics and Government (SS8CG1)
What are the dominant political parties in Georgia today?
What is the process by which a person from another country can become an American citizen?

What financial responsibility does a citizen have toward the government?

How old must a person be to vote in Georgia today?
Who is the chief election officer in Georgia?
Economics (SS8E4)
From where does the largest source of Georgias income come?
For what is the largest expenditure of state funds?