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Travel to the Dynasties of China

Project, Fall 2014

Assignment: You and your team will create a travel website for a dynasty of China. Your travel
website will communicate to potential visitors the history and significant contributions of your
assigned dynasty.

Shang Dynasty, Zhou Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty
You and your group will create a google site. One person will share the google site with the other
team members. Once your website is complete, you will share the site with the instructors email.
Website Requirements (30 points):
On your website, you must include the following elements:
1. The name of your dynasty
2. The dates of your dynastys reign (example: 250-150BCE)
3. A thesis statement responding to the following question: How did your dynasty contribute

to the legacy of ancient China?


A map of your dynasty (the area under your dynastys jurisdiction)

A minimum of FIVE Visuals (Remember, visuals may be pictures or video clips)
A brief timeline of the important events during your dynasty
Descriptions of at least three significant contributions/developments during your dynasty
(think PERSIAN)
You may be creative, but remember, your website must be user friendly for potential visitors!!
Other Project Requires:
1. Annotated Bibliography (included on your website) (10 points)
a. Use a minimum of five sources (NO WIKIPEDIA)
b. Use at least one scholarly article (Remember the library databases!)
2. Project Presentation (10 points)
a. Your group will present your dynasty travel website to the class
b. Each group member must speak during the presentation
3. Personal Project Reflection (5 points)
a. After your group presents, you will individually write a paragraph reflection (5-8
sentences). Reflect on the following questions:
i. What went well during the project?
ii. What did not go well during the project?
iii. What was your role during the project?
b. You will upload your reflection to TurnItIn.
Important Dates:
Project Work Day: October 30/31
Project Due: November 5
Project Presentations: November 5/6
Personal Reflection: November 11/12