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Advanced 5 ESL
Student Needs Analysis
This needs analysis will help me get to know you as people and as students. Ill use this
information to make this class as helpful for you as possible. There are no right or wrong
answers; just be honest!
Name____________________________ Nationality____________________________
CEP ID__________________________
1. What is/are your native language(s)?
2. For how many years have you studied English?
3. Have you ever lived in English-speaking countries? If so, for how long?
4. What is your occupation?
5. Is this your first class in the CEP?
6. Please rank your own abilities in the following areas. 1=Below Average, 2=Average,
3=Above Average, 4=Strong


6. For the questions below, please choose I agree, I disagree, OR Sometimes.


I agree

I disagree


I feel comfortable having everyday conversations in


I can understand more than 50% of the English I

hear on the radio/TV and in conversations around

I feel more confident in my listening and reading

skills in English than I do in my writing and
speaking skills.

I do not have enough English vocabulary to do

things that are important to me.

In English class, I enjoy working in groups or pairs

with other people.

In English class, I enjoy learning about grammar rules.

In English class, I enjoy activities that involve

speaking practice.

I learn better if I use images, videos, and other visual

media than if I use only text or sound.

7. In what types of situations do you use English the most? Circle all that are true for you.

Necessary conversations (shopping, finances, etc.)

8. How often do you have to do the following kinds of tasks/activities in English?

Less than 3 Between 3-10 1-2 times 2+ times per
times per
times per year per
Give oral presentations (for
business, school, etc.)

Read research-based articles or


Write research-based articles or


Read plays, novels, and other

long literary works

9. Please tell me how difficult these things are for you. Number them from 1-6, with 1 being
least difficult and 6 being most difficult.
___Learning grammar rules
___Understanding new vocabulary
___Speaking about your ideas and opinions
___Understanding native speakers speech
___Understanding the main point of readings

Please answer the question below in 4-5 sentences.
10. Why are you studying English?

11. List 3 specific goals you have for this course.

Example: I want to spend less time planning responses in my head before I speak, so that I
can improve my fluency.
12. How often do you do the things below when you read in English? 4=Often, 3=Sometimes,
2=Not often, 1=Never/I dont know this strategy
A. I try to see the difference between facts and opinions. _____
B. I try to understand how formal or informal the tone of the text is. _____
C. I read conversations and keep track of who is speaking during the conversation.
D. I pay attention to how trustworthy the sources of information are. _____
13. Do you have access to a computer with Internet? (Circle one) Yes No
14. How often do you use a computer/the Internet?
___Every day ___1-2x per week ___1-2x per month
15. Anything else I should know about you?

Welcome to CEP A5!

___Less than 12x per year