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The current research has as a target to determine if MSEs (micro and small
enterprises) in building sector in the district of Chancay applies the quality
management, in 2012. The research was quantitative, of descriptive level and nonexperimental/ transversal design, and from a population of 34 MSEs it was
determined a sample of 34 that represents 100% of the population which was
surveyed with a questioner structured through the technique of the inquiry obtaining
the following results, Referring to MSE and legal representative: The 56% of the
people in charge of the MSEs of the building sector of the district of Chancay are older
than 45 years old, the 94% are Male, 68% has higher education degree, 53% from the
people in charge are engineers, 65% From the MEs have more than 5 years working,
100% are formal, 65% has more than 11 permanent workers, 85% more than 11
temporary workers, 53% of the surveyed MSEs has the goal of maximizing the
incomes, Referring to the quality management: the 85% of the surveyed MSEs of
the building sector in the district of Chancay affirmed to know many management
tools, the 26% of the MSEs affirmed that they have developed even more the logistics
area, The 62% of the surveyed MSEs affirmed no to use the Benchmarking, the 47% of
the MSEs never used the Brainstorm technique, 35% of the MSEs used the technique
of the continued improvement, 24% the strategic plan, 44% of MSEs used the
flowchart to solve problems, 29% use the diagram of cause and effect, and the 26%
left used the SWOT. In conclusion: the majority of the representatives of the MSEs
are adults older than 41 years old, has higher education degree with engineer degree,
the majority of MSEs of construction has more than 5 years in the market, more than
11 permanent workers, and more than 11 temporary workers, the majority of the
MSEs didnt use the benchmarking and the brainstorming, but has used the continues
improvement technique and the strategic plan, to set your activities in a long term
time, they consider that they have done a good management, qualifying in 10, they use
flowcharts, cause and effect and SWOT to solve his problems.