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Behavior Management Plan Reflection

Overall, I think I have created a behavioral management plan that will result in a safe,
positive, and minimally distracting learning environment. This plan will minimize unwanted
behavior and will maximize productivity.
The first part of my behavior management plan discusses the physical environment. In
my plan, I said that I would set up seating arrangements in groups/clusters, situate the teachers
desk at the back of the room, use a rainbow-shaped table for small group work, and display
student work. After having applied these aspects, aside from the rainbow-shaped table, in my
own classroom, I can affirm that this set-up minimizes unwanted and off-task behavior. Group
seating promotes collaborative learning and establishes a community in the classroom. If there
is a community feel in the classroom, there will less likely be major behavioral problems. In
setting up my desk at the back, I have allowed myself to monitor what is going on in all parts of
the classroom at times that Im at my desk. I have not gotten a rainbow-shaped desk in my
classroom, but I do stand by this idea as I feel it is a good set up when working with small groups
and eliminates off-task behavior because the teacher is seated at the center of the group. I
constantly display my students work which has proven to help them to take pride in their work
and encourage them to put effort into future assignments.
The second part of my behavioral management plan discusses the emotional climate. This
part of the plan includes a behavior system called, Go For Green, and creating a community
feel by fostering teacher-student and student-student relationships. Once again, all of these are
aspects of my current classroom and they have proven to minimize unwanted and off-task
behavioral issues. My students have become very familiar with the Go For Green and have
begun to monitor their own behavior. There is never a question when the student must move

their card due to unwanted behavior, because students understand what is expected of them and
realize when they have not met those expectations. Further, through projects like Star of the
Week , weekend recall, and casual conversations, my students have gotten to know me as well
as one-another. This has promoted positive relationships which has limited behavioral issues
concerning conflicts between students.
The last part of my behavioral plan discusses the actual instruction. This portion of the
plan includes hands-on and engaging lessons, such as human word problems, Readers
Theatre, choice in the way students exhibit their work, and movement in lessons. I have not yet
done Readers Theatre, but I do include a lot of movement in my classroom and human word
problems. The students respond really well to these lessons. This is something I only started
recently in my classroom, but it has already proven to increase participation and limit off-task
Overall, I think my behavior management plan has done a good job in limiting unwanted
behavior and increasing student involvement and positive learning. I have implemented many
items from my behavioral plan in my own classroom and they work very well.