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2015 at Creators

The UmberElla Print Collective, a group of North

East Artists who produce original works in print,
have agreed to continue their occupancy in the
Creators Print Studio for another 6 months. This
group has enjoyed their first tenancy and look
forward to the ongoing opportunity to present
their impressive works.

Tom has exhibited at Creators many times and
has a keen following. Toms ceramics involve the
processes of slip casting, press moulding and
hand building, with a particular focus on colour
and design. His works are generally functional,
however he also preserves botanical specimens
within a paper clay porcelain slip with the most
amazing results.
Tom has held numerous solo shows and group
exhibitions. His works have also appeared in The
Age and The Australian newspapers and Crafts
Arts International.
Toms 2014 Exhibition will open on Friday, 12
December at Creators Artspace Gallery at 6pm
and will continue over the following 2 days.

Our Committee has decided that all paid up

Creators Members who have completed our Print
Safety Assessment and are paid up members of
CAPS may now use the printing press on an ad
hoc basis for $5 per hour or part thereof. The
only requirement being that you phone the studio
first (on 6041 3086) to make sure that the press
is available. This arrangement will be on an
honesty and first-in-best-dressed basis. This is a
great opportunity.

Contact Creators Artspace
Phone: 02 6041 3086
Coordinator Mobile: 0490 445 264
Email: creatorsartspace@gmail.com
Web: http://creatorsartspace.weebly.com



Gateway Island
PO Box 1604


Summer 2014 2015

18 to 24 December
2014 has been a big year for young border artist,
Molly Hodgson, and will finish on the same note
when she will present her first solo exhibition at
Creators Gallery from December 18 to 24.
Molly, 16, won the Visual Arts and Media Award at
this years RED Carpet Youth Awards. The RED
Carpet youth awards is an initiative of Wodonga
Council and is now in its sixth year. The awards
recognise and highlight the contributions young
people aged 14 to 24 make to the community.
Molly was presented with her award at The Cube
in Wodonga on 1 August 2014.
As well as receiving the RED Carpet award,
Wodonga Senior Secondary College chose one of
Mollys works to add to their collection.
A great opportunity for Molly and great for
Creators to support our young artists.

Cuban Five 9 to 15 January 2015

15 prison paintings for 15 years A new
weapon in the campaign to free the
Cuban Five by Antonio Guerrero
You must try to do something from the inside out,
rather than continue painting from the outside in,
insisted my brother in arms and artist Arthur, who is also a photographer
and an art critic, after having seen and photographed many of my works.
I had to spend several weeks repeating these words of his and making
them mine, until one day images began to delineate in my mind. I made
some sketches and then Detention Centre in Miami for seventeen
months. After finishing painted them on watercolor paper, where colors
started to appear. All these images have one thing in common: they were
memories of the unjust and cruel treatment given to us since the very
first day of our detention.
They portray moments of our days of survival, isolated in the punishment
cells of the hole of the Federal painting number 15, I made the decision
to stop at this number because it coincides with the number of years that
will soon mark our captivity. Like the environment of that area, gray
tones predominate in each painting. They were obtained basically by
mixing the three primary colorsyellow, blue, and red. The fragments in
orange represent the prison uniforms we all had to wear in that place,
and therefore they are a representation of us.
At first my idea was to make these watercolors as a form of study, and
then to paint them in oils using a bigger format. However, as soon as I
started to move forward with this project, I realized that in their
simplicity there was beauty and, above all, harmony. As usual, once I
started with the first sketch and the first painting, I could not stop until I
reached the total of fifteen.
Our goal, in the near future, is to enrich this work with writings, poems
and other plastic works by the five of us, and thus to make known our
memories of that first period of our imprisonment, which we would
classify as the roughest and cruelest.
There, those who did not know it learned the lyrics of the emblematic
song El Necio (The fool) by Silvio, and every day with no
communication, under the brutal punishment and cruelty, from our
hearts, from the inside out, we used to firmly say: I will die the way I
lived. Antonio Guerrero Rodrgue

Summer is here and the heat is on. We now have an

updated air cooler which helps keep our space at a
simmer rather than the boil of the past!
Our Gallery has been constantly full, Trudewind Road
Neighborhood Houses Facets a great success, River Art
Schools impressive student works and coming up, Tom
Strachan and Molly Hodgson before Christmas.
Early in the new year the Cuban Five exhibition will
return to Creators, opening on 9 January.
Our website is kept updated with current and future
events so visit it at http://creatorsartspace.weebly.com
Membership renewal forms can be found on the website.