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ie TO Gunsmithing re a, Mr. Single Shot’s Gunsmithing-Idea Book by Frank de Haas Yotrcan improve the accuracy, the appearance, and the handling of any classic single-shot rifle .. . easily and professionally, no matter what its condition or vintage! You can remodel, repair, restock, rebarrel, rechamber, rebuild, restore, modify anything from an old Stevens boy's rifle to a much-desired Winchester M-85, from a Remington rolling block to a modern Ruger No. 1. You can do it all with this outstanding idea book written by a noted authority on single shot rifles. Includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions for a wide variety of gunsmithing procedures, all reinforced by plenty of high-quality photographs and illustrations. Best of all, the book is packed with valuable information for every skill level from the novice enthusiast with only a few tools at his disposal to the profes- sional with a workshop full of equipment. You'll find the information and practical hands-on guidance you need to do professional quality work on collector's items like the Winchester M-85 and original Remington rolling blocks; small and large action Martini rifles, the FBWs, Rugers, the Browning M-78, and more. You'll find out how to build a 45-70 target rifle from the modern Navy Arms rolling block action; how to restore an old boy's rifle; how to improve the accuracy, appearance, and handling qualities of low-priced modern break-opens! There's thorough data on glass bedding procedures, open sight selection, forearm attaching techniques, silver soldering and welding, making escutcheons, salvaging old rusty actions, and literally just about every other classic single-shot rifle procedure imaginable! Whether you're a single-shot gun enthusiast who wants understandable, easy-to-use information on repairing or modifying your weapons . . . or a profes- signal gunsmith who needs some specifics on single-shot procedures . . . you can Count on the expert information included in this oustanding handbook! Frank de Haas is a recognized authority on single-shot rifles who has written several classic books for the field and who has designed and patented a distinctive single shot falling block action rifie. iene Ren ek me al acde Basic Gunsmithing (No. 1140—$9.95 paper only) Professional Care & Finishing of Gun Metal (No. 1298. $12.95 paper; $18.95 hard) TAB BOOKS Inc. Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. 17214 Send for FREE TAB Catalog describing over 750 current titles in print. FPT > 13-50 ISBN O-830b-1511-3 UEC BATS RU Ae WTS MR. SINGLE SHOT’S GUNSMITHING IDEA BOOK BY FRANK DE HAAS TAB BOOKS Inc.