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ITM Dashboard

By Tejashwi Kumar
Description of Data: - This Dashboard contains a series of fictitious data related to various and countries
(created using =Randbetween and then paste special as values to restricted random changes). I have
tried to depict the various parameters in a graphical way for better understanding of the user.
KPIs Used

Population and tPopulation (Target Population):- To keep the values comparable to other
KPIs I have taken a multiplication factor of 105 in Population and tPopulation.
Life Expectancy and tLife Expectancy
Fertility and tFertility
Malnutrition and t Malnutrition
GDP and tGDP in $ Billions: - Here also to keep the values comparable to other KPIs I have
taken a multiplication factor of 10 in GDP and tGDP.

Functionality of Dashboard




I have used hyperlink to make the navigation easier for different charts and tabs.
To make my tables and charts more dynamic I have used Pivot table and then added slicers
for relevant sections so that user can just click on relevant countries to find and compare
different KPIs.
Human Development Index might look a bit cluttered initially since all the 100+ countries
are selected by default, but once you select countries you want to study, graph clearly
shows the relevant comparison.
Similarly for Population and GDP comparison charts, we can select various countries or even
sort them in any order or pick top 10 countries in any order to display vibrant graphics in the
chart for required countries.
For the speedometer chart of life Expectancy and Malnutrition Comparison chart, please
select the country from the drop down menu to the left of charts. (Created using Data

Note to the user of Dashboard

A user can add any number of rows under the master data or even update the data already
present, and the same will be reflected in all the pivot tables and relevant charts or
speedometer chart. To reflect the changes, please make sure user refresh the pivot table
or user can also save and restart the workbook. I have activated update automatically in
Pivot table